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Elevate Your Draft Beer Experience with UBC Glycol Power Packs

When it comes to serving the perfect pint, temperature control is paramount. UBC Group USA understands the significance of a reliable glycol power pack draft beer chiller in maintaining the highest standards of beer dispensing systems. Explore our diverse range of glycol power packs tailored to fit your specific needs and ensure your customers enjoy every pour.
Glycol Power Packs for Optimal Beer Dispensing:
Long-draw draft beer systems aim to deliver a seamless flow from keg to tap. When the distance exceeds 25 feet, the risk of beer warming up before reaching the tap arises. UBC's glycol power packs play a crucial role in maintaining the beer's temperature, preserving its quality throughout the dispensing process. By circulating an antifreeze mixture through the beer system, these power packs prevent temperature fluctuations and ensure a satisfying drinking experience.
How Glycol Power Packs Work:
The glycol power pack circulates a mixture of propylene glycol and water through trunk lines, preventing beverages from warming during transit. With a typical setup of two glycol lines (supply and return) and eight glycol-cooled beer lines, the system ensures beverages stay consistently cold as they travel from the walk-in cooler to the tap. The beer trunk line, capable of running up to 750 feet, can feature up to 24 different products.
Diverse Options for Every Need:
UBC Group USA offers an extensive selection of glycol beer coolers, catering to various configurations and styles. Whether you're a small establishment in need of a ⅜ hp unit or a large-scale operation requiring a powerful 1½ hp unit, we have the right solution for you. Our chillers prioritize cooling efficiency and energy optimization, maintaining the ideal temperature for your beer regardless of the demand.
Benefits of UBC Glycol Power Packs:
Keeps beer cold over long distances
Provides additional keg storage
Offers flexibility in floor planning
Accommodates custom design needs
Affordable Solutions from the Manufacturer:
As a trusted manufacturer and distributor, UBC Group USA has been serving wholesale customers in North America for over a decade. Our glycol power packs are just one of the many high-quality items available at incredibly competitive prices. Whether you run a bar, restaurant, pub, or distribution business, UBC Group USA ensures you get the best glycol beer chiller at a reasonable price at .
Ordering and Shipping Process:
To access our prices and place orders, create an account on our website. Orders are typically shipped within 24 hours and delivered promptly through our efficient logistics network. We offer shipping via UPS or freight carrier, depending on the size of the items. Benefit from our affordable prices, attributed to our production facilities in Eastern Europe and a well-established global logistics network.
Elevate your draft beer system with UBC glycol power packs – the key to achieving consistent, quality pours every time. Explore our range and experience the perfect blend of functionality and affordability.

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