1. #HereThereEverywhere

Visual: Our idea is to show man getting in to a Piaggio in one city and getting out of another Piaggio in another. We want to show that Piaggios are everywhere.
Show a Piaggio in two cities at once. For example, half frame BG Delhi and the other half Bangalore.
If possible, show a man getting into the first half and the same man deboarding in the other half.

2. #TheFutureIsHere

Show kids in a Piaggio and label their future position, for example, one will become a Doctor, one an Engineer, one a CEO, and another a Cricketer

3. #MovementIsLife

A Piaggio going in the shape of an ECG—first show only the vehicle traveling on that path, later show the complete path in the form of an ECG wave

4. #TherapyComesFree

An auto driver listening calmly to a passenger in the backseat of a Piaggio with only the hashtag #TherapyComesFree

5. #MoneyIsTime

Split the frame vertically
The left frame: Show a man riding in an Uber cab like a king
The right frame: Show the same man burning midnight oil in front of a computer at 2 o'clock in the morning
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