Pitch creatives

Ye visuals ke sirf ideas hain meri taraf se, final theme apne hisaab se lena jo Megha madam aur Karun ko bola tha client ne

Seasonal (Slide #10)
Creative 1
Copy: Holi Ke Rang, Acro Ke Sang

Copy: Ab Aapke Ghar Bhi Manayenge Holi

Copy: Countless Colors for Your Holi Celebrations

Product (Slide #23)
Texture: Creative 1
Copy: Aapki Deewaron Ka Wiper (Acro Textures with self-cleaning effect—keeping your walls look freshly-painted)

Visual: Car front windshield wiper cleaning the wall

Texture: Creative 2
Copy: Aapke AC ka best friend (Acro Textures insulate your walls from harsh sun so that your AC doesn’t need to work so hard)

Visual: Plain walls AC exhausted, textured walls AC smiling

Texture: Creative 3
Copy: Surface ho kaisi bhi, Acro Textures lagen khushi khushi

Video: Texture 1, texture 2, texture 3, texture 4, texture 5, texture 6 | Concrete, masonry, stucco, brick, wood, metal (Start by showing 6 strips of textures, then strip away the textures to reveal the wall subtrate)

Creative (Slide #26)
Creative 1
Copy: Aapke Ghar ki Sunscreen (Acroguard 3x)


Creative 2
Copy: Low VOC, High Eco-Friendliness (Acrosilk)

Creative 3
Copy: Compose Your Symphony of Colors (Ezytint)

Visual: Paint brush with piano keys


Influencer (Slide #29)
Creative 1
Visual: Any stock image with an Indian-looking person painting something (Image mein Acro ka koi bhi product naturally place karna hai)

Creative 2
Visual: Same as 1st

Creative 3
Visual: Same as 1st and 2nd

Partner (Slide #32)
Creative 1
Copy: अपना काम दुनिया को दिखाएँ और जीतें #एकरोस्वैग #AcroSwag

Creative 2
Acro ❤️ Paint Professionals.

Join for exclusive access to professional support.


Creative 3
Low VOC Paints
लो-वीओसी वाले पेंट्स

These paints contain less volatile organic compounds, or VOC, and have shorter drying times.
ये पेंट्स कम वॉलटिल ओर्गानिक काम्पाउंड्ज़ (वीओसी) के साथ आते हैं और जल्दी सूखते हैं.

#AcroProAcademy #एकरोप्रोअकैडमी


Offline (Slide #35)
Creative 1

The Gold Standard of Paints

Creative 2
आँखों को भाए रंग
नाक को भाए सुगंध

लो-वीओसी एकरो पेंट्स

Creative 3
From Rome with Renaissance (Acro lineup)

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