Intramural series - Guidelines

About Intramural Recital Series

The Trill Route Intramural Series, our most popular series of recitals is a student-exclusive experience that goes beyond the traditional stage. It is an intimate & judgement-free space where musicians of all ages and instruments interact together to showcase their exceptional musical abilities.
In this dynamic setting, our students perform in front of their peers. Students learn the art of both being on stage and in the audience, gaining valuable insights into both perspectives.
Our students have the freedom to experiment & explore original compositions, offering a glimpse into their creative minds. Moreover, they have the opportunity to acquaint themselves with professional-grade equipment, an experience that is invaluable for their growth as musicians.
Participating in the Intramural Series also grants our students exposure to the world of live performance. They learn how to utilise the performance space to their advantage, adapting to different acoustics and engaging with the audience. This experience is a crucial stepping stone for any musician looking to refine their stage presence and connect with their listeners.
Whether you're a seasoned performer or just starting your musical journey, join us in celebrating music, camaraderie, and the joy of live performance. We can't wait to witness the magic that you'll bring to the stage!
The Trill Route Intramural Series has both an offline and online component. Being an inclusive event, all students of Trill Route are encouraged to audition!
To catch glimpses of past Intramural recitals & learn more about the series, visit our website at

Audition Guidelines

Students are required to send in audition tapes by the given deadline.
The audio quality of the recording must be good and clear, and without noise. Please do not block phone mics with fingers.
Students must have both their face and instrument within the frame.
Students may perform 1 song with a maximum duration of 2 minutes.
Students may perform using their instrument of choice.
Students may use backing tracks and other musical aids.
Singers may accompany themselves by playing an instrument.
Auditions recordings may be done on phone cameras/mic.
We do not expect high video quality. Lower file size is recommended.
Auditions are to be submitted through the audition form.
If anyone has any queries, kindly contact the front desk, or write to
We wish you all the best!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What age groups are allowed to audition for the Intramural recitals?

Students of all ages are allowed to audition and perform at the Intramural recitals.

What instruments are students allowed to play?

Students may play any instrument. Singers may accompany themselves by playing an instrument as well. The use of backing tracks is permitted.

Are musicians/students outside trill route allowed to audition?

No. The Intramural recitals are designed exclusively for students of Trill Route.

How long is the event?

The offline recital is divided into batches of not more than 30 students per batch. Each batch lasts for a duration of not exceeding 2 hours. The online recital occurs in one sitting. The duration depends on the number of students that clear the auditions.

Where does the offline recital take place?

The offline recital takes place at The Trill Route School of Contemporary Music, located at JK Plaza, 788, 2nd floor, 12th Main Rd, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038.

Do students have to bring their own instruments?

At the recital, we provide professional equipment & instruments for the students to play. While it is not compulsory for students to bring their own instruments, students may bring their own instruments as per personal preferences. However, it is compulsory for students to bring personal items such as guitar picks, capos, sheet music etc.

What setup is provided for the event?

For our in-house recitals & events, we provide a stage alongside stage lighting & surround sound. There will be professionals handling the soung console and lights.

Are students allowed to play together as a duo, trio or other type of band?

Yes, students are allowed to play as a band. In such cases, students are advised to contact the front desk for further information. Band Camp bands are eligible to perform for intramurals.

What does “Student Exclusive Recital” mean?

The Trill Route Intramural Series is a student exclusive event. This means students will be performing in front of each other exclusively. Parents or friends are not allowed to come to the school to watch the performance.

Will the recital be live streamed?

Yes, the recital will be live streamed on zoom. Parents & loved ones of performers are invited to join the zoom link to watch the live telecast of the event.

Will the offline component of the recital be live streamed?

Yes. Both online & offline components of recital will be streamed live on zoom.

Will performers receive videos of their performance?

Yes, we will be recording every performance, both online & offline. We will be sending the recordings to the performers within 3 weeks of the recital.

Does the recital have a dress-code?

While there is no fixed dress-code, kindly wear stage appropriate attire. You may dress fashionably whilst maintaining the decorum of an institution.

Is there an admission fee for attendees?

No, the event is completely free. There are no audition or performance fees.

Can I choose my performance piece, or will it be assigned?

Yes, you may choose your performance piece. You may also use the recommendation of your teacher.

How long can I perform?

Overall performance time allotted will be 2 minutes per student.

How do I sign up for the Recital?

You must submit your audition tape through the linked form by the deadline. In the event that you are selected for the performance, we will share further details accordingly.

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