Grander Tasting

Tasting Notes
8 Year
Straw color
Buttercream, glazed donut, kettle corn, jasmine, clean, light
Delicate, wildflower honey, marshmallow, ripe plantain
Midlength, dry, starchy, pink peppercorn
12 Year
Cinnamon, malted milk powder, breakfast cereal, brewer’s spent grains
Creamy, pancake batter, pecan sandie, shortbread, allspice
Biscuit with apple butter (faintly sweet while dry and buttery)
Could be appealing to bourbon drinkers
Tobacco, leather, caramel, stewed fruits, baking spices, cobbler, black tea
Pineapple upside down cake, gingerbread, coconut cream, balanced with the vegetal notes of rhubarb
Lingering, bright, ginger, molasses, hay
Tennessee Whiskey FInish
Whole grain, raisin bran
Plum, oatmeal raisin cookie
Creme Brulee, peach cobbler, bright tropical fruit, kiwi
Mole, cacao, tamarind, earthy
Long, spicy, tropical fruit, sundried chile, chocolate
There are no rows in this table

8 Year - Small Batch:
Aged for a minimum of 8 years in ex-bourbon American White Oak Barrels.
The Grander 8 Year Small Batch Rum begins clean and light on the nose, with the essences of buttercream, glazed doughnut, kettle corn, and jasmine. On the palate, the rum displays delicate notes of wildflower honey and marshmallow, with a mouthfeel reminiscent of ripe plantain. The mid-length finish is dry and starchy, with the buzzing spiciness of pink peppercorn.
“Banana and molasses are classic on this golden Panamanian rum. Buoyant flavors of light brown sugar and fried plantains are ornamented by clove and allspice that linger on long after each sip’ – Ultimate Spirits Challenge
Batch number found on back side of neck label
45% ABV
Gold Medal, 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
92 Points, 2016 Ultimate Spirits Challenge

Founder's notes

The Surprise. The 8 Year represents how I fell in love with rum. Being from Kentucky, I grew with bourbon whiskey and thought rum was strictly meant for mixing. I learnt this is nowhere near the truth and there are rums out there that I could enjoy like a whiskey – neat, over ice or in a cocktail. This rum is that for me.

12 Year - Small Batch:
Aged for a minimum 12 years in re-used ex-bourbon American White Oak Barrels, some which previously held sherry.
The Grander 12-year Small Batch Rum opens with the aromas of brewer’s spent grains, malted milk powder, and breakfast cereal with a cinnamon note. The entry is creamy and brings to mind pancake batter and pecan sandie shortbread, with lingering notes of allspice. The sip concludes with a dry finish that’s faintly sweet, like a buttermilk biscuit with a smear of apple butter.
“Soft and perfumed aromas of white honey with whipped cream, coconut shavings, and sugar cane are indulgent on the nose. A touch of sweetness hits the palate yet profound flavors of vanilla and warm spice. An absolute delight.” – Ultimate Spirits Challenge
Batch number found on back side of neck label
45% ABV
93 Points, 2019 Ultimate Spirits Challenge

Founder's notes

The Unexpected. “How can this be so light in color?” I am often asked if the color was filtered out, it wasn’t. The color is naturally drawn from the 12 years spent in re-used barrels. Unlike bourbon producers, we can ‘re-use’ a barrel many times and with each use, the influence from the oak lessens. This is a delicate rum – elegant and refined. Take your time with this one and you will be rewarded.

Trophy Release - Small Batch:
A blend of rums aged between 8 – 15 years. Each rum is selected for its unique and robust profile.
The Grander Rum Trophy Release is a symphony on the nose, an ensemble of tobacco, leather, caramel, stewed fruits, baking spice, cobbler, and black tea. The first sip crescendos to feature pineapple upside-down cake, gingerbread, and coconut cream, balanced with the vegetal notes of rhubarb. The long, lingering finish is bright, with sliced ginger, molasses and earthy hay.
Batch number found on front label
ABV varies by batch
The Top 10 Rums of 2020, Drinkhacker
93 Points, 2019 Ultimate Spirits Challenge

Founder's notes

A blank Canvas. I appreciate how an artist can take a blank canvas and turn it into a beautiful work of art. It’s my goal to accomplish the same with each batch of Trophy Release. I carefully selected rums between 8 and 15 years of age to created a beautiful and flavorful release. And just like a painting, each batch will be different from the next.
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