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Candidate Queries

I want a fully work from home job, is this the right program for me?
No, you have to be ready to relocate to Delhi, Bangalore or Hyderabad. Any one of these 3 locations.
I am still in college and exams/ classes are ongoing. Is this the right program for me?
No, it is only for people who have completed college (no ongoing classes). Results pending is ok.
I am doing distance PG right now. Is this the right program for me?
If there are regular classes, they are not eligible. If no classes, eligible
I have backlog, am I eligible?
If backlogs are cleared, eligible. If backlogs are still there, not eligible
Can anyone with less than 28 yrs of age but more than 2 year experience enrol?
If full time experience in sales is less than 2 yrs, yes (i.e. experience is in other fields or internships)
I am facing problem in my app
ACTION: Go to and check if candidate is in correct course. If not, assign them to BDECareerTrackV6. If they are on right course and still the issue persists, ask them to send a screenshot/ screen-recording/ go on a google meet call and add on on Slack
I have an IOS device, can I still be a part of the program?
No, you would have to arrange an android device and login from it. Currently, Able Jobs app is only on android devices
I cannot see any jobs on the app. Why is it happening?
You will unlock the jobs after completing your training program. Don’t worry, focus on completion of your training first.
What if I complete the training but do not want to join a job?
The training is designed in a way to help you land a great job. It is 100% practical and outcome oriented. Moreover, you would be getting the certificate only after landing the job. Thus, you should be up for getting a job as well.
There are many free opportunities on app & youtube, why are you charging money for the same?
Sure, we as a company believe in providing free opportunities to freshers. That is why in Guaranteed Job Program too, you pay only after you get a job. In the courses and jobs on the app, there is no guarantee of a job, you may or may not be selected for them. Also, never think that you are paying the fees to get a job, it is to get the well-deserved training & mentorship that you’ve not got so far.
In how much time can I get a job?
In 4 weeks. Many students get in less than 4 weeks too if training is completed by them on time and they are 100% dedicated to learn and get a job.
Is it necessary to go for placements through Able Jobs? Can I apply externally?
Yes, you can definitely apply externally. But we already work with all companies hiring for sales job in the market and we directly refer your CV in the companies. If you apply externally, it is not sure that your profile will be selected. Moreover, before every interview, you get company-specific preparation which increases your chance to get selected. If you apply externally, you will miss out on that too.
Is this a scam or not?
Not at all. No one in the industry charges after you get a job. We, at Able Jobs, give our 100% to upskill you, support you and give you genuine and relevant opportunities.
What is the minimum salary?
You should be ok with a salary range between 17k to 30k.
When will I start going for interviews?
After completion of training (i.e. 2 weeks)
When will my classes start?
Batches are formed every Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday. After completing your enrollment, we will share the timetable for training.
My trainer has not yet contacted me
ACTION : Check with the training coordinator responsible.
Can the I reject the job after passing the interview?
For every job you apply to, you have a choice to decide whether you want to go for it or not. We request you only choose those jobs that you are genuinely interested in. Once you have applied for a job, you cannot reject the offer letter if you are selected.
Do we give candidate unlimited interviews or is there a maximum limit on total interviews?
We give you maximum 7 interviews. But in case there are any discipline issues with the candidate, we will take relevant action.
What type of jobs are provided?
Sales jobs. The jobs are a mix of Inside Sales, Tele-sales and Field Sales. Some opportunities for Customer Relationship Management and Customer Support are also provided.
Can a candidate get a job without a laptop/good internet connection?
Depends from company to company. But 80% companies prefer this. We would request you to arrange the same to get best opportunities.
Will I get sure interview in "XYZ" company?
Depends on whether the company is hiring at the time and whether your profile matches their requirements or not
Why do you say 2 to 3.5LPA when some companies offer much higher salary
2 to 3.5LPA is the general range that most students with less than 1 year of experience get jobs in. You can get salaries as high as 6-8LPA too but we do not promise that since very few companies provide jobs in that kind of range.
What reasons are acceptable if the candidate leaves job within 1 or 2 months
Firing from the company, 2. Acute medical illness. We ask for proof in both the cases. If it is a genuine issue, we will help you get a new job without no added fees.

If it is a non-genuine issue, the EMI will still continue
After getting a job, can I work from home temporarily or does he has to relocate immediately?
Depends from company to company, but because of pandemic, most companies are allowing temporary WFH max for 1 month. After which, you will have to relocate to the office
Will the company provide accommodation when I join?
No, companies do not provide accommodation. We at Able Jobs team can support you to identify good localities and PGs in Delhi/ Bangalore/ Hyderabad wherever you join.
Will the company provide relocation charges when I join?
No, companies generally do not provide relocation charges. You can ask at the time of placement.
Will the company provide cab facility?
No, companies generally do not provide cab facility. You can ask at the time of placement.
Payments process
Is there a discount or scholarship on fees?
No, there is no discount or scholarship. But be assured, you will be enough salary to pay the EMI, take care of your expenses and savings
What is the fees breakup?
We do not have a fees breakup right now. The total fees is Rs. 24,999. Which you can pay in EMI after you land a job.
Why is PAN card and Aadhaar card important?
Aadhaar and PAN details help us do you KYC and confirm that all details that you’ve entered are correct.
I do not want to sign the agreement, can I still become a part of the program?
No, you cannot be a part of the program. If you have any concerns regarding it, feel free to ask me.
Do I have to sign any agreement?
Yes, it is to ensure that you understand the program rules and that you have to pay after you get a job.
I would be available only after 6pm, can I still become a part of the program?
No, You have to be available from 11 to 1, 2 to 4 or 5 to 7 - in any of these timeslots for the training
I am only available for 1-2 hours in ‘xyz’ time daily. Can I still enrol?
No, You have to be available from 11 to 1, 2 to 4 or 5 to 7 - in any of these timeslots for the training

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