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Squad - software

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Software team's log of meeting notes.

4/11/2020 Standup

@Polly Rose
@Adam Davis
Need to identify families willing to alpha test
@Adam Davis
to post ads soliciting "super babies" to join our alpha
Initial challenges identified with baby interaction with HUD - not super deliberate with swiping / tapping
Integrate HUD control with toy-like physical remote
@Felix Marlin

4/6/2020 Standup

@Adam Davis
@Felix Marlin
Skeleton of maps integration complete
Ready to begin work on the core navigation system
@Build wireframes of Android UI
is super behind - need this before continuing
Will follow up with
@Adam Davis
after this meeting

4/4/2020 Kickoff

@Polly Rose
@Felix Marlin
Concerned about HUD scope for Strollr (
@Create child HUD for navigation
Too many issues getting baby-proofed
Timeline is aggressive, but manageable
Let's make sure that Google Maps is integrated quickly so we can iterate from there

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