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HW - Meetings

Hardware team's log of meeting notes.

April 23, 2020

@Mary Jones
@Lola Tseudonym
Good energy overall, making progress despite a lot to get done
Looking into external consultant on overall design - Marrika has short-list
Some mocks submitted to completion - changed status of
@Send PVT v3 units for drop test

April 16, 2020

@Mary Jones
@Lola Tseudonym
Most of time spent discussing
@PVT feedback to factory
- overall was good but there were some elements that need tweaking
E.g., time to completion was longer by 15% than originally contracted - looping in conversation with Joel on original deal
Discussion of need for team offsite soon given all that's going on

April 9, 2020

@Mary Jones
@Lola Tseudonym
@Send PVT v1 for UL drop test
not started - needed to kick off last week, switched to 'Urgent'
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