Why is it important to learn data structures and algorithms?

Many beginners and experienced programmers avoid learning data structures and algorithms because it is very complicated, and they think all of the above is useless in real life.
play an important role in software implementation and the recruitment process. Many students and professionals have this question: why do these companies focus on DSA rather than specific language/framework/tool ​​issues?. Here’s an example:
When you ask someone to make a decision on something, a proficient person will tell you “I choose to do X because it is better than A and B in these aspects. I could have chosen C, but I think this Is a better choice.” We always go with someone who has clarity and can complete tasks efficiently and quickly, making optimum utilization of resources. The same goes with these companies while hiring employees.
The problems these companies face are much more difficult and much larger in scale. When solving the problems of these companies, software developers must also make the right decisions. Therefore, answering seems a bit difficult for some.
Knowledge of data structures like Hash Tables, Trees, Tries, Graphs, and various algorithms is very helpful in effectively solving these problems. Interviewers are more interested in understanding how candidates use these tools to solve problems.
Just as a car mechanic needs the right tools to repair a car and make it work, programmers need the right tools (algorithms and data structures) to make the software work. Therefore, interviewers look for candidates who can apply the right toolset to solve a given problem. By understanding the contrast characteristics of one data structure and another, you can make the right decision by choosing the right data structure to solve the problem.

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