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List of Top AI tools for Digital Marketers

Marketing is such a versatile and broad field. There are a lot of areas, types, and categories, and it’s almost impossible for someone to understand them all. is all about understanding core principles and knowing things that can help you achieve your goals.
Practices change altogether if we move from social media marketing to search engine marketing. As a marketing professional for 9 years, I can say that marketing has become tougher. In the early days, we tend to get desired results quickly, and that too with little effort.
Now, it's all about algorithms, knowledge, awareness, content, and best practices. In this article, a list of the top AI Free/Paid tools that marketers can use to stay ahead of the competition in the market. Before startING, let’s find out why any marketer needs marketing tools.

Why do we need marketing tools?

Marketing tools help businesses efficiently reach, engage, and analyze customer behavior across multiple channels in order to optimize campaigns and drive sales. These tools automate repetitive tasks, provide data-driven insights, manage complex campaigns, and boost consumer relationships.

Here are some benefits we can get from using marketing tools:

Marketing tools enhance business outreach across multiple channels like social media and email, broadening market reach.
Marketing tools offer examination for valuable insights into campaign execution, customer preferences and support in marketing optimization.
Automation marketing tools are useful in streamlining the repetitive tasks, boosting efficiency and time saving for higher-value activities.
Marketing tools useful in planning, executing, and managing campaigns across various channels. These tools also offer features like calendars and workflow automation for better organization.

Major types of AI Marketing Tools


Marketing Automation Tools

The purpose of marketing automation tools are to automates marketing actions or tasks. These tools streamline marketing workflows so that you can measure the outcomes of marketing campaigns.

Some marketing automation tools are:


HubSpot Marketing Cloud: All in one platform for email marketing, lead nurturing, CRM, and analytics.
Marketo Engage: This assists in providing powerful strong endeavor automation with lead scoring, social marketing, and personalized campaigns.
Mailmodo: Popular email marketing tool with automation features, and provides the feature of .
Eloqua: Robusting automation for complex B2B campaigns, with advanced segmentation and analytics.
ActiveCampaign: User-friendly platform with automation email, SMS, and website personalization.
: Popular email marketing tool with automation features, and basic CRM.
Constant Contact: Simple and reliable email marketing platform with automation workflows and basic reports.
SharpSpring: CRM-integrated platform with marketing automation, lead scoring, and web tracking
Pardot: Salesforce-owned automation tool for B2B marketers, with strong lead nurturing and reporting.
AutopilotHQ: Visual workflow builder for email, SMS, and web push notifications, great for user engagement.

Social Media Marketing Tools

tools serve a multitude of purposes. That manages your social media presence in an efficient manner, effectively, and data-drivenly.
Social media is the most popular channel that is used by every marketer for marketing. It is a little hard to choose any platform having so many networks and so many content and ad formats, it can be tricky to deliver a good ROI - especially for organic content. are a great way to get started and automate generation of graphics for social media or banners for ad campaigns.

Social media marketing tools are:

Hootsuite: Manage multi social media marketing accounts, schedule posts, track engagement, and analyze performance of accounts.
Buffer: Schedule and publish social media content across different platforms, analyze results, and collaborate with teams. It costs $120 for 10 social media channels.
Tailwind: It helps you find hashtags, monitor trends, and share evergreen content on different social media platforms.
Loomly: You can integrate this with Buffer. Besides that, it is an excellent tool for content discovery, organization, and management. It costs $73 for six users.
Sendible: Digital marketing suite for agencies that provides capabilities in managing, publishing, listening, and reporting for social media platforms.
: Organizing posts and creating content and posting them on social media, monitor engagement level and post visibility on different sites.
Later: Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest and content planning as well as scheduling tools with analysis and insights report.
TweetDeck: Follow Twitter accounts and manage multiple accounts, view and analyze keywords and conversations, and reply to and favorite tweets from followers.
Zoho Social: Save time, money, and reduce stress with the social media management app designed for easy scheduling, listening, and analysis.
Meltwater: Social media listening for brand, competition and sector using artificial intelligence based online tools.
Brand24: Social media listening and reporting platform for tracking brand keywords, their associated sentiments and popular influencers.

Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing tools are extremely useful if you want to create, send, test, optimize, and see reports on email campaigns.
HubSpot Marketing Cloud: Powerful email marketing automation with segmentation, personalization, and performance tracking.
Mailchimp: Popular email marketing tool with a drag-and-drop editor, PTE Essay template, and basic automation features.
Desonto: Self Service Marketplace designed for B2B lead generation, offering automated email campaigns, , webinar registrations, and LinkedIn follower growth
Klaviyo: Email marketing and autoresponders for marketing sales and communications specific to the e-commerce business.
ActiveCampaign: End-user application with email campaigns, landing pages, customer db, and autoresponders.
GetResponse: Internet Marketing tool that also has landing pages, webinars and automation functionality for small businesses.
Moosend: Email marketing and automation with landing page builder, A/B testing, and analytics.
SendinBlue: Cheap email marketing software with SMS, CRM, and marketing automation tools.
Campaign Monitor: A complete and flexible tool for agencies that offers a high level of automation, segmentation and detailed reports in a single email marketing solution.
Bronto: E-commerce focused email marketing platform with personalization, customer journey mapping, and analytics.
Emma: Email marketing platform with automation, personalization, and advanced reporting for B2B businesses.

Best SEO Tools for Marketers

The organic way of marketing is still the most followed and beneficial way. Without SEO tools, things can be challenging. Here are some top SEO tools for markers:
: Ahrefs: Keyword research: It is a tool where users can enter keywords or phrases and get data for selected and competing keywords, Backlink analysis, Competitor analysis, and Rank tracking.
: Search engine optimization tool which include keyword research, backlink analysis, site audit, technical SEO analysis, and rank monitoring.
: One of the most used SEO tools with keyword suggestions, ranking checker, backlink report, and overall analysis of website optimization.
: It is an online free application around SEO, it offers keyword suggestions, content writing ideas, competition analysis features and link analysis.
SpyFu: Information gathered on the specific keywords, PPC campaigns, and backlinks employed by rivals in the marketplace.
SERPStat: Keyword research and rank tracking tool with competitor analysis, SEO audits, and content planning features.
Majestic: The primary tools of Keyword research & rank tracking combined with competitor analysis, SEO audit, and content planning options.

Content Writing Tools for Marketers

Now, I am sure that you are perfectly aware of the fact that content is among the key elements of any successful DM strategy. If the content that you’re producing is not great, then you won’t be able to develop the tone and image of your brand and become a recognized authority in your particular market.
are out there to generate relevant content to the intended audience with little human interaction. This is true when it comes to some of the products and services that are offered in different categories.
: It isn’t made for writing but you can use this tool for generating quality content in lesser time. It is free or you can buy its $25 subscription.
Hemingway Editor: Helps you optimize your content and readability better.
Paragraph Expander: Give one paragraph and it will instantly expand that paragraph based on its context. It is a free tool.
: Another online tool which can help you get NLP-friendly content instantly. It is a free tool but has usage restriction.
Summarizer: An online tool which helps you summarize content in different styles such as formal, fluency, conversational, professional etc. It is a free tool.
: An online tool which helps you generate articles and blog posts instantly. It starts from $39 a month.
: For those people who want to make their articles and blogs clearer by excluding the peculiarities of grammar 9.
Quillbot: It is a really good service that really changes your content by using particularly unique words in the result.
BYSTEP: It is free But if you want to promote or see results from the top artists or songs, then you can purchase the $9. 95 subscription per month.
WriteSonic: An excellent online tool for creating articles and essays. It provides unique and engaging content in no time. It is a free and paid plan that starts at $13 a month. It helps determine whether the content you are reading was produced by an AI or by a human.
: A quick and efficient tool for creating high quality content in a few seconds.
AI Tools for Audio and Video Content
As digital marketing expands into multimedia, creating engaging audio and video content is becoming crucial. Here are some top AI tools for audio and video content creation: A versatile that generates natural-sounding voices for podcasts, audiobooks, and videos, with multiple voice styles and languages.
Descript: An all-in-one audio and video editor that uses AI for transcription, screen recording, and seamless editing, making content creation quick and efficient.
Heygen: An AI-driven video creation tool that allows you to generate realistic video avatars and edit videos with customizable facial expressions and voices.

Marketing Analytics Tools

: Google Analytics: Web analytics software for businesses with statistics on website traffic, audience profiles, and goals accomplished. It is a free tool that can be easily installed on the web page to help track the users.
: Facebook Analytics: Specifically, they will provide you with the numbers of your Facebook and Instagram audiences, their engagement with the posts, and the results of ad campaigns that can help you to comprehend how your promotion performs in practice. It is a free tool that can be used for making electrical diagrams as well as to identify single wires or bundles.
Twitter Analytics: Twitter Analytics: Understand and analyze your Twitter usage with features like the tweet activity, the audience you are reaching, and the performance of the campaigns. Some websites and tools that are being used in the analysis include: NextGEN Gallery for displaying images, Yoast SEO for optimizing content for search engines, Google Search Console for assisting in indexing websites, and Google Analytics for tracking and analyzing website usage.
LinkedIn Analytics: Monitor your LinkedIn engagement, content performance, and lead generation efforts. It is a free tool.
Socialbakers: Free social media analytics for basic insights into your brand mentions, competitor analysis, and audience sentiment. It is a free tool.
Heap Analytics: User behavior analytics tool to understand how users interact with your Online review website and identify conversion bottlenecks. It is a free tool.
: Multi-featured and strong and entire web and application analytics, marketing analysis and customer experience analysis. Its pricing is reasonable depending on business requirements since it has a free plan for basic features.
Tableau: Data visualization software that will let you build specific reports and displays for different types of data, including marketing data. It currently offers its software on a subscription basis starting at $70 per user per month.
Kissmetrics: This customer insights tool serves as a customer journey mapping software to track individual customers’ behavior and segmenting clients properly for higher sales conversions.
Mixpanel: Product analytics platform to track user behavior within your app or website, identify key events, and optimize the user experience. It's free but with optional paid features.

AI Tools for Workflow Enhancement

AI tools can also help digital marketers to enhance their , leading to greater efficiencies and reduced costs.

Among the tools available are the following:

Pardot: It Uses AI tools to improve workflow efficiencies in digital marketing campaigns.
Marketo: Enables you to optimize your workflows using AI-driven insights.
Sprinklr: Uses AI tools to optimize decision-making and improve productivity.
Brevo: uses AI to automate email workflows to maximize engagement and conversion rates.
Drip: Helps you to improve workflow efficiency by using AI to automate repetitive tasks and streamline process

Ending Notes

Tools are extremely helpful to automate and further enhance your marketing efforts. You can get the desired results using tools in less time. But, using online tools for marketing to improve is different from totally relying. I hope this list will help you become a better marketing professional. Cheers!w
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