Sleeping with Back Pain, it's possible

It helps to rest when you have Lower Back Pain but what if it won’t let you?

I often get asked by people as to why I think they should visit a chiropractor. My answer is that a sleep expert can’t help you. They can of course help but only if you are sleep deprived because of anxiety or worry or perhaps you eat or drink too much of something you shouldn’t. However, if it’s pain that’s keeping you up at night, your chiropractor becomes the sleep expert you need most.
Some will choose pills of course. Pop a few pills before sleep and all is well. Or so it seems anyway. I am here to tell you that a holistic approach is much better for you than pills that only cover up the issue and treat the symptoms but nothing else. Why not tackle the problem causing pain instead?
Your other choice is too swallow pills for the rest of your life
hoping that your body doesn’t build up a resistance to them forcing you to take more and more pills every month until you develop a serious health concern such as a damaged liver, kidneys or internal bleeding. You don’t want that. Trust me, no one wants to develop something that’s even worse than the original ailment for which you took the pills for to begin with.
Before you visit your chiropractor there are a few things you can try that may work well enough for you get rid of the pain on your own and finally get some well deserved sleep.
My first question to you is how to do you sleep? Yes it does matter. Which position do you chose most frequently? I ask because some positions create a strain on your back while other positions actually offer relief.
Even if you get an extra 20 minutes of sleep on average, studies show that people felt healthier even with such a small change to the positive. Remember, reduced sleep affects all aspects of your life and thus your quality of life.
While sleep quality is extremely important, duration also plays a vital role to people feeling and functioning their best during the day, especially while at work.
Another technique is simply to lose weight. The lighter you are the less pressure you put on your back during your busy day and even at night while you’re in bed. The interesting part is that less sleep actually makes the back pain worse. A catch 22 of sorts with no way out.
For best results place a pillow under your knees and lie on your back. If you enjoy sleeping on your side, place the pillow between your knees and feet to take some of the pressure off your back.
We sincerely hope our technique works for you and the pain will give you some reprieve. However, should your lower back discomfort continue, it’s time to see a chiropractor to find exactly what the issue is. I promise it’s pain free and completely holistic. Each procedure will be explained to you and you will never be rushed into anything that makes you uncomfortable. Here is to good sleep and great mornings.

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