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What is Underdogs Vision and Mission?
Our vision is to enable collective success between talent and their communities through on-chain reputation. By building identity primitives we believe we can create a mutualist economy based on individuals contributing to others professional lives.

What is Underdog Protocol?
We help leaders & members manage community driven reputation in their web3 organization.

We’ve built professional tools that allow you to:
Create an on-chain community
Create a membership SBT for members to display and use
Recognize biggest community + individual contributors through SBTs
Airdrop assets + SBTs to multiple people
Create on-chain reputation by claiming SBTs from others
Find opportunities as a community
Elo type Sentiment Scores for Communities & Individuals ie: Community Sentiment + Indiviudual Reputation
What problems do you solve?
For Club Admins
No tools to recognize contributors who help others and the community grow
Looking for novel web3 experiences that bring networks on-chain to help them engage and reward each other in a new way
Hard to pair members with opportunities based on a lack of p2p data on interactions and contributions within the club
For Individuals
No way to incentivize other community members and network partners into contributing their own network through SBTs
No way to quantify the value of individuals within your network with our Sentiment Scores
Why build on Solana?
We have nothing against any of the other chains. We have cross-chain partnerships. Outside of the table stakes reasons:
Better UX
We believe that Solana is actually a much more composable to build on and there is much more developer resources through (metaplex, cardinal, etc) libraries than in other ecosystems.
How does this improve the club experience?
Build your on-chain identity + resume + network to find opportunities in web3
Create deeper relationships with other community members
Discover other network partners who are web3 communities

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