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What is Underdogs Vision and Mission?
Our vision is to enable collective success in communities through on-chain reputation. Our mission is to make web3 easy by connecting off-chain data with the blockchain for experiences & access.

What is Underdog Protocol?
We make it easy to Add Reputation, SBTs, & Web3 via API to your Product and Workflows.

What problems do you solve?
For Communities and Products
Communities run on Web2 Tools and there’s a lack of ways to bridge on-chain
Many lack ways to engage their community and members leading to low engagement & churn
Products lack a way of tracking their members contributions leading to a lack of insight
For Developers
Developing between web2 & web3 is difficult and time-consuming
Lack of tools to build custom experiences with existing workflows cause wasted capital (~20-50,000)
How do we get started?
Use the codePARTICIPANT’ to get started
How far along are you?
Raised a $500,000 Pre-Seed round from OneBlock Capital, EiV Ventures, and Underdog Labs
We’re focused on launching pilots, partnerships, and have a product (self-service → enterprise)
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