NFT Diffusion Boards

Getting Started with NFT's.
Part One: -
Have fun in this rabbit hole. Here are five learnings:

1. New ways for creators to earn and fans to signal support.
2. You can now own an asset digitally, revolutionary
3. Collecting NFT's is a way to show your digital identity
4. Invest in culture when it comes to NFT's. Community + Art. It goes down in the discord and roadmap of the project!
5. They're just a small part of the blockchain future where we everybody will have access to exclusive communities.
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Part Two:

Start off by buying something that you like and speaks to you. My little guy looked a lot like me when I saw him so I picked him up for around $225. Gas fees were insane. Gas is basically the transaction fee to create a node on the blockchain.
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Part Three:

Try it out! You’ll have a ton of fun. There’s no better way to learn than to get right into doing it.
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