B3-OLX Product Briefs

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Development of Eczema healing treatment with improved efficacy in healing eczema, itch relieve and redness reduction compared to Hydrocortisone 1%.

Target Products - Prioritized
All over body treatment
Face treatment
Spot treatment


Efficacy - Reach equivalent efficacy of hydrocortisone 1% while being a non steroidal option for the following metrics and Day 1, Wk1, Wk2, Wk3 and Wk4 touch points
User satisfaction
Perceived Redness
Itch relief
Lesion healing
Total lesions size
Prescription level efficacy -
Tolerability -
Suitable for 2x daily use
Tolerable for sensitive skin - no skin side effects.
Formulation Constraints - Ability to be formulated with colloidal oatmeal

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