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Get smarter with every interaction.

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Hello, I am Thomas.

Born in Switzerland, with Austrian roots, I went early to travel around the world to work or explore new countries. Now I live in Spain with my wife and our two cats.
As a former IBM executive, I have a proven track record of delivering results, having founded or co-founded 5 companies in the AI, communities, healthcare and fintech industries. I am passionate about enabling digital transformation and have a strong background in automation and low-code development. My credo: "Get smarter with every interaction!"


Your business, automated.

You know your business best. I bring in a different view based on my professional experience. Following some areas of which I can be of help:

🔀 Process Review ⚙️ Workflow Automation 🧰 Tool & Platform Evaluation 💼 Project Management 🧭 Strategic Alignment 📊 Data Driven Strategy

How can I help?

Personalized messaging
Combine different information about a person and enrich it with ChatGPT to make it hyperpersonalized.
Fundraising OS
Setup your campaign (contacts, messaging, schedule) and execute it all within Coda.
Multi-functional CRM
Manage your contacts, meetings and to dos.
Professional CV
Share your work experience with the skills gained, contact details and much more.
Simple company website
Create your online journey with a landing page.
What are you building next?
How can I help you achieve your goals. Happy to chat!

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