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OKR Training

OKR Training

To use this document, you must see it as a way to practice solving objectives within a chosen time frame.
The POMODORO method is a solution to divide your objectives into 25 minute chunks followed by a break.
But, you can also use the timer on the deadline that you choose.
However, I recommend that you do not exceed 2 hour chunks and take a 20 minute break which will make you perform better.
Staying too long on a problem is counterproductive when sometimes a simple coffee break is enough to breathe a little and come back with fresh ideas.

Clear template
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OKR training
You can change your working time by right clicking on the slider and going to the line named MAXIMUM to change the value to your liking. I advise you to start slowly but stick to it every session.

Shaping formula

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Set Pomodoro timers
=> which is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo.

How to use the Pomodoro timer?

Add tasks to work on today in the Key result table
Define estimation pomodoros (1 = 25min of work) for each task
Select a task to work on
Start the timer and focus on the task for 25 minutes
Take a 5 minute break when the alarm goes off
Iterate 3-5 times until you have completed the tasks
Set focus timer (minutes)
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Start focus session
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Start new session

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