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An average knowledge worker today operates in an ecosystem of digital tools, including:
Slack for team communication
Email as the infrastructure layer of communication and authentication
Project management tools depending on the function (e.g., Linear for Engineering)
GitHub for Engineers
Figma for Designers
Google Calendar for scheduling
We work and live in these tools. They are used for discussions, planning, communication, action, etc.
Each of these tools are where "action items" or "tasks" originate.
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For instance, tasks can originate from a Slack message where a teammate assigns a new project task, or from an email where a client requests a report. These scattered action items contribute to the chaos of managing multiple responsibilities. ​
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What does a knowledge worker want?

As a knowledge worker, the goal is to ensure a 100% hit rate on all assigned tasks or tasks that need to be completed. The most crucial prerequisite for achieving this is to ensure that everything is CAPTURED.

No Source of Truth

Since action items/tasks are scattered across various tools, there is no single source of truth to refer to for a holistic view of what's on your plate and what needs to be done.

Product Framework/Philosophy

Capture Everything

The core value proposition of our product is to enable users to capture tasks on the fly from wherever these tasks originate. We achieve this through two key features:
Quick Capture Shortcut: Similar to the Spotlight shortcut, we provide users with a quick capture shortcut. This allows users to instantly capture tasks without disrupting their workflow. This is useful during meetings, discussions etc
Third-Party Integrations: We integrate with third-party tools like Slack and email to funnel tasks from these sources into our platform. This centralizes all tasks in one place.
All captured tasks are by default directed to the Inbox section of our product.
Inbox is like a brain dump of everything you need to get done.

Process Everything

Process Everything

Once you have captured all the action items, the next step is to process them to achieve Inbox Zero. This is where you plan and organize your tasks.

Inbox Zero

The concept of Inbox Zero is about regularly processing your inbox to keep it empty or nearly empty. This prevents tasks from piling up and becoming overwhelming.
How do we help users get to inbox zero?
Review each task in your inbox.
Decide the next action: do it, plan it, schedule it.

Adding Task Attributes

When processing tasks, ensure each one has all necessary attributes to make it actionable.
Attributes to Add:
Due Date: Specify when the task needs to be completed.
Priority: Indicate the task's importance level.
Tags/Labels: Categorize tasks for better organization. ​
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Time Blocking and Calendar Integration

Time blocking helps manage your schedule effectively. By allocating specific blocks of time for tasks, you can enforce when it needs to be done.
How do we help our users with time blocking?:
Allow them to drag and drop tasks into their calendar.
Set specific start and end times for each task.
Use notifications and reminders to stay on track.

Today View

The Today View is designed to help focus on tasks planned for the current day. It consolidates all tasks scheduled for today, allowing users to prioritize and tackle them efficiently.
Features of the Today View:
Displays all tasks due today.
Highlights overdue tasks needing immediate attention.
Allows quick rescheduling if priorities change.

Other Features of the Product

Rough Roadmap
Feature Name
Similar to the doc you are reading right now, you can create tasks within docs as well which will show up in Inbox
Drag and drop tasks on the calendar, manage and visualise your calendar ( this will be a huge build and might have it’s own unique feature sets)
Quick Capture Tasks
Shortcut to open a quick capture tool similar to Apple Spotlight to capture your tasks in natural language
Command K
Command K within the product to navigate it
Kanban View
Quick Capture Content
Similar to
Sort of a mini personal CRM
Share availability on calendar
Similar to Calendly
Daily Startup and Shutdown
Start in the morning by reviewing all tasks that need to be done, end day with review of what got done and what's left
Reports and Analytics
Get automated reports on progress made sent to slack and email Get analytics on how you are performing against your tasks
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