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What is meant to run a CSR Project? Is it a score sheet on a project of an enterprise? Or is it an investment into lives of beneficiaries? The reason why we do what, sometime defines the purpose of such endeavour. Let me elaborate
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Introductions | What is CSR?

What is CSR?
CSR refers to Corporate Social Responsibility. In recent years, where enterprises reaches beyond just numbers on a profit & lost, they recognise that there is more to business than just debit and credit of balances. Hence the birth of CSR; where enterprises realise that they can do more to contribute back to society.
In a cliché term, enterprises can “make the world a better place”; to invest in benefiting the marginalised, to contribute to their community and to do what some communities cannot do on their own.

Home Team Tech | HTX

HTX Agency's mission is to "amplify, augment, and accelerate the Home Team's advantage to secure Singapore's future as the “safest place” on planet earth.
The leadership in Home Team Tech | HTX recognised such a need and since, embarked on searching for meaningful projects.
As such, “Protect and Defend” are 2 common verbs used in securing Singapore as the “safest place” on earth, yet not far from such truth, the awareness to Build and Support” communities has emerged undeniably essential in creating Singapore as a Safe Space. And by definition, is a place that provides a physically and emotionally safe environment where people can freely express themselves without fear of prejudice, negative judgment, etc. In summary,
‘to “Protect and Defend” the eco-system and to Build and Support” the communities within; a wholesome approach to creating Singapore as the “safest place” on planet earth, in line with HTX mission.

MilkyWay Cafe | #11

One such trial project is MilkyWay Cafe. A small little coffee counter within HTX where ex-offenders serves coffee. Under the scope of making coffee, “The Caffeine Experience”, a social enterprise is contracted to serve food and beverages to the staff of HTX. On the surface, it is just another commercial contract to cater to food and drinks, yet underneath it, there are untold stories. An untold Stories of 2nd chances and life sustenance.

The Caffeine Experience | TCE

Founded by Matthew Poh, “The Caffeine Experience” has a unique mission; a mission that aligns with that of HTX. They create a safe space for ex-offenders. They strive to “Employ, Engage and Empower” the beneficiaries that have restarted life after prison. To help them to be accepted and to be given a 2nd chance to restart their life. Such mission, aligns and brings life to the CSR endeavour of HTX in building and supporting communities within.
TCE is a social enterprise; a commercial entity that focus on the benefits of beneficiaries. Falling through the cracks of being supported as a Charity IPC in Singapore, TCE have to compete with commercial entities to be self sustaining. In addition, they have to hold a higher cost of supporting their mission; surely a daunting task in the competitive environment in Singapore. Yet, from a humble beginning within the belly of Changi Prison, TCE have been building resources over almost a decade.
Now, we manage to sustain the following functions of our enterprise to support the rehabilitation of ex-offenders;

Business Development : Matthew Poh
Product Development : Siew Yeun
Pastoral Support : Ps Paul Tan
Counsellor Support : Brian Tain
Financial Officer : Richard Lee
Cafe Manager : Justus, Angie, Philip
Baristas : Didi, Rathi, Hazmi, Kelvin, Farhan, Yann, Mai, Desmond, Danny, Muhaimin
Chefs : Max, Yunus, Rizal, Hisham, Haziq


Regardless of the beneficiaries past, they are just like any other Singaporeans; going through the daily grind of going to work, serving a purpose and tending to the needs of their family.
To be honest, not many wants to be known for their mistakes in the past. Some are willing to stand forth and champion the support of the rehabilitation process, yet some, want to be obscure and unknown to the public. Learning such, TCE have evolved from developing individual stories to developing stability in growth and income, so that some of the unsung Singaporeans within this community stands a chance to live out their life anonymously in a Safe Space. After all, this enterprise was built specially for them.
And as a united front, with HTX support into this CSR project; TCE, we achieve Singapore’s Safety from a multi facet perspective in supporting communities.

That in itself is the “why” ~ in what we do.

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Matthew Poh Managing Founder, The Caffeine Experience

We welcome enterprises that are willing to come meet our beneficiaries and support them with articles; to acknowledge them and to encourage them along their path of recovery.

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