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How It Works

A quick reference to working with The Market Base.


We start off your service with a custom made strategy to access your business needs and evaluate the gaps that we can fill best. Your marketing strategist is going to run through your existing online presence and your intake form to understand your sales process to automate your inbound leads

Marketing Strategist

Your strategist is your dedicated point of contact. They will be the person your business will meet with monthly about the progress of your campaign and will be working with our other team members to execute any requests you make. They may also provide suggestions outside of your strategy or even changes to the strategy as your campaign progresses


Our dashboard is for:
Placing requests.
What do we mean by unlimited marketing requests?
No matter the marketing need, the price remains the same. There are no extra charges, no hidden fees, everything is included in the monthly price.
We do not have a limit of one request at a time or X requests per week/month. Every time you submit a request, it will be added to your queue and you can queue up as many requests as you want. Your project manager will then designate the appropriate team member to work on fulfilling your request(s), starting with the one at the top of your queue.
Your strategist is going to create tasks for campaign as we progress through developing your online marketing system. If they have any suggestions, they will reach out to you with them but you have the option to make a new request at ANY time.
All you have to do is log in and click the New Request button in the top right corner of your dashboard and give it a title and tell us what you need so we can best help!
2. Providing efficiency. The dashboard makes things simple when it comes to getting things done. Each request has a status, a comments section and users assigned to it.
The status will tell you where we are with the request so you know how things are progressing.
The comments section is where we will communicate about your task and any updates will be provided here. This helps everyone know what we are talking about as conversations stay attached to each task.
Users are the people that are receiving updates on each task. You can set up a new user under the Users section on the left nav bar of your dashboard and add them to a task if you want them to receive updates by email about a task
3. Providing Transparency. By having everything that is being completed created as a task in the dashboard, everything that is being done and worked on is out in the open for everyone to see and quickly know the status of the campaign. This also allows for easy collaboration and helps us continually improve our systems and processes

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