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How Do I Submit A Design Request?

What you need to know when requesting a graphic design
Submitting requests to your designer is super easy and quick. Everything is handled in our own web application to which you will get access after you sign up.
Step 1: Title
The title of your request should include the purpose of the graphic and where the graphic is going to live. If this is a graphic that you are going to include in multiple locations across your online presence, include all places so we can create the different sizes needed for each location.
Example 1: Facebook Fathers Day Post
Example 2: New Header Banner
The first example is for a request with one graphic location (Facebook Post) while the second example is for a request for that will be for banners across many digital channels (Facebook, Youtube, Website Blog, Twitter, etc)
Step 2: Description
The description is going to be where the details and specifications about your design will be. Let us know what the purpose of the image is (to be loud about your brand, attract customers, sell more, get people to click, etc)
From there you will want to leave any references that we can draw inspiration from and other things that you may have a preference towards. Use your best judgement here and feel free to be as thorough as possible
Lastly, you will want to include anything that you DO NOT want in your design. No need to include references unless it is very specific or you are sending your design back for revision
Side Note
If you have a branding guide or kit, please upload it to the files section of your dashboard for our team to reference. We will use these guidelines when creating all of your designs. This is not required by any means but may be something to consider if your business heavily relies on visuals to sell to customers.

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