The Horwitz Law Group's personal injury lawyers have recovered millions of dollars in monetary damages for clients who have been gravely wounded in car accidents. Chicago auto accident law firm assist wounded people in obtaining just compensation for all of their losses.
The Chicago auto accident law firm treats each client as a friend or family member with a legal issue. treats your case as if it was our own and fights hard to get you the most money for any personal injury, medical malpractice, or workers' compensation claim.
Our attorneys are the best auto accident attorney in Chicago who will present your case before a jury if it is the most effective method to achieve a favourable result. Why settle for lawyers that are constantly willing to compromise when you can rely on our expertise and experience?
In Chicago Auto Accident Claims, You Can Rely on Us for Effective Legal Services:
Automobile Mishap
With so much commuting and vacationer traffic on the streets of Chicago at all times, accidents can happen for a variety of reasons. Speeding, failing to yield, and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs are all factors that can lead to major collisions. It's critical to speak with Chicago's best car accident attorney about your legal alternatives for monetary compensation.
Drunk-Driving-Related Accidents
If a drunk driver causes an accident, you may be able to sue both the driver's insurance company and the restaurant or bar where they were over-served for compensation. This is referred to as dram shop liability, and an attorney from The Horwitz Law Group can explain your rights in further detail during a free consultation.
Accidents involving a hit-and-run driver
You might be able to obtain compensation from your own uninsured or underinsured insurance coverage if you were harmed in a hit-and-run accident. For a free consultation, contact The Horwitz Legal Group, a Chicago personal injury law firm.
Accidents involving pedestrians
Because of the high volume of pedestrian traffic in Chicago, it is possible to be injured in various accidents. Cars failing to yield in crosswalks, sidewalks, streets, and parking lots are all common causes of accidents. If you have any questions about personal injury litigation, please contact the best car accident attorney in Chicago.
Accidents involving bicycles
Bicyclists in Chicago risk catastrophic injury when cycling around the city. Our Chicago auto accident law firm can address any questions you have regarding collecting compensation from drivers who hit and damage bicycles because they are reckless, distracted, or aggressive.
Accidents Due to Speed
Speeding is one of the leading causes of automobile accidents. The Horwitz Law Group's Chicago personal injury lawyers work hard to hold individuals who speed or drive recklessly above the law and endangering others accountable.
Distracted Driving Causes Accidents
Distractions such as texting, talking on the phone, using the GPS, choosing music, putting on makeup, eating, and watching movies can all contribute to severe accidents. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident caused by a distracted or irresponsible driver, you must pursue maximum compensation for your losses.
Roads Are Dangerous
Because of the heavy traffic on Chicago's streets and highways, poorly built or maintained roads may result in fatal accidents. In Chicago, an auto accident attorney defends individuals who have been injured in accidents involving roadways, roads, bridges, and crossings that were improperly designed, built, or maintained at The Horwitz Law Group.
Accidents on school buses
The Horwitz Law Group represents individuals injured in various events, including school bus accidents in Chicago. Passengers on school buses, pedestrians, and other motorists hit by school buses are examples of these people. In a free appointment, we may go over your situation in greater depth.
Accidents at Rail Crossings
Accidents involving railroad crossings can result in serious injuries or death. Our Chicago personal injury attorneys represent persons who have been wounded in incidents caused by human error, equipment malfunction, or a lack of proper safety signs and warning signals.
Collisions that collide head-on and crossover
Driving unlawfully into the center lane or attempting to pass another car can cause head-on and crossover incidents. These mishaps can be catastrophic, resulting in significant injuries. Contact an auto accident attorney in Chicago at The Horwitz Law Group for a free consultation on your case.
Collisions with the back of the vehicle
Driver mistakes or weather conditions are the most common causes of rear-ends crashes. Serious injuries, such as whiplash, might result from this type of incident. To understand your monetary compensation options, book a free consultation with an expert Chicago automobile accident attorney.
T-Bone Accidents
The Horwitz Litigation Group, a Chicago vehicle accident law firm, represents people who have been wounded in T-bone collisions. Negligent drivers who run a red light or fail to stop at a stop sign are the most common cause of these side-impact car accidents.
Please contact today to schedule a free consultation regarding your situation. There is no cost or obligation to find out if we can assist you. You will not be charged any upfront fees or costs if you hire us as your legal counsel. Our Chicago auto accident attorney fees are based on a percentage of the money we obtain on your behalf. You will not be responsible for any fees if we do not obtain compensation.
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