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How to do the equivalent of a VLOOKUP() in Coda

Excel or Google Sheets:
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Formula side-by-side comparison


VLOOKUP in Excel/GSheets
FILTER in Coda
1. Table to lookup
Cell references (e.g. A2:B4)
Name of the table (e.g. “Stuff”)
2. Column from the lookup table
The first column in the range of cells to lookup against (e.g. column A)
Name of the column in the lookup table you want to look up stuff (e.g. “Values”)
3. What you’re trying to look up
Usually a cell reference or a hard-coded value (e.g. A7 or “Spoon”)
Name of the column you want look up in the lookup table (e.g. “Value to Find”)
4. Column from table to return
Usually a number indicating how many columns to the right of the first column in the lookup table you want to return
Name of the column you want to return from the lookup table (e.g. “Column to Return” column from the “Stuff” table)
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Differences between VLOOKUP and FILTER

Some of the main differences between VLOOKUP in Google Sheets/Excel vs. FILTER in Coda include:
Cell references vs. names of tables/columns - Instead of having to reference a specific cell to lookup or a range of cells to reference a list of data, you just start typing the name of the table or name of the column from a table.
Dots vs. parentheses - In addition to using parentheses in formulas, you can use dots as well. The dot “.” allows Coda to quickly auto-complete the name of the column you want to return from the lookup table. In the example above, notice how .Column to Return shows up at the end of the FILTER formula.
Looking up to the “left” in Excel/Google Sheets vs. writing a column name - The first column in your table reference in Google Sheets is the column you are trying to lookup a value in. In the range A2:B4, that would be column A. The column table to return is always a positive number which indicates how many columns to the “right” of column A. In Coda. you just write the name of the column you want to return back (e.g. Column to Return).
Check out our official help article on VLOOKUPs in Excel/Google Sheets and LOOKUPs in Coda

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