Hi! I'm Tanvir :)

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👋🏼 Salutations! My name is Tanvir and I am a recent UC Davis computer science and chemical engineering grad, currently working on Coda's growth team. You can find me helping student entrepreneurs build their companies and helping URMs in STEM succeed.
You can find more information about my work, contact information, and some of my favorite media below :)
What I'm Currently Building:
⚙️ - an online platform to connect makers who have the machines needed by those without access
Part of my job at the student startup center is maintaining our makerspace and teaching students how to use it. My coworker and I noticed that people often have a passion for making and DIY, but lack access to 3d printers and other prototyping equipment they need. Conversely, many professionals in the maker movement have these (expensive) devices at their disposal, but use them infrequently and struggle to recoup their costs. We are building ecomakr to connect these communities and eliminate the resource gap.
👥 - an accelerator program for student teams building environmental/social good startups. Here are a few of the teams I mentored during our last cohort:
- end-to-end communication platform for students and professors, making remote learning possible
- student exclusive ride share app for long distance trips
- allergen free vegan ice cream made from chickpea waste
- biodegradable bandages with integrated healing properties
If you're a student entrepreneur looking for help scaling your company, feel free to reach out and I'll do my best to be helpful!
What I'm Currently Reading/Listening To/Cooking:
🚀 - a weekly rundown of what's going on in venture capital and tech
💸 - personal finance tips for and from young people
🍵 - weekly updates about internet culture and the creator economy
❣️ - interviews with product leaders and their takes on building and scaling effectively
🤓 - the most auditorily engaging educational podcast I've ever heard
👔 - honest conversations with growing names in tech and VC
As a long-term vegetarian, I love trying plant-based recipes! Here are some personal favs:

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