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Site Map + % to Scale pxl + Max Width


Site Map

Discussed with IgorZ - how to replace current Wireframe albums, in conclusion: we will create a new Wireframes’ Category that will replace the current one.
Album creation with key codes +Jira Tickets: ~ 2 hours (not including work by Igor+ UX writer after)
QA + Preset upload and screenshots for 150 presets 1 week


% to Scale pxl

Went over a few scenarios with Yanay.
Test will be open before we change the presets and only after it is open to 100% (all users), we will change the presets.
The script will (hopefully) round up Padding value (and remove Descimal Point in Margins).
We will still need to open each preset and check. If the script works well ~5 min per preset.
Total of 340 presets 😳
150 Designed Sections (current number 141 without Headers)
150 Wireframes (current number 82 without Headers)
39 Layout Tools (components)
Lets discuss further

Max Width

I need to discuss a few things with Talshi. Will set a short meeting.
~ 10 min per preset to resave with Max width but my number is not final
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