Vibrantly Vibrant

The Keys to a Winter of Wellness by Apollonia
Seth Lemoine
It's not just the flu season that has people scared this year. With all the news 24/7, Apollonia offers you the keys for a winter of wellness.

1. Enjoy your life 🐈 🐶

Fear depletes immune system.
One of the keys to the game is to enjoy your life, love what you love around you, especially cats and dogs. We need to feel like we are doing something so we can stop being sitting ducks. It’s good for the human psyche to feel in charge and empowered.

2. Immune Boosting IVs

Immune Boosting IVs include a combination of vitamins and antioxidants in high doses.
Immune Boosting IV
Vitamin C – Excellent for Immunity
Zinc – Kicks out infection
Trace Minerals (Selenium, Copper, Manganese, Chromium) – Keeps cells healthy and the body hydrated
Vitamin B6 – Maintains the health of the Immune System
Vitamin B12 – Energizes all of your cells

Join us in Atlanta with Vibrancy; we have the perfect combination for you. If you're in another city, let us help you find a resource local to you.

3. Ginger Up with Ginger Tea (RECIPE)

Go buy a load of ginger and find out how good this is...
Get organic fresh ginger root.
Slice ginger into thin slices.
Add ginger to pot with 2 liters or more of filtered water.
Boil tea for 30 min and then place on simmer.
Enjoy tea throughout the day.
Keep adding water to pot and boiling for up to a couple of days ~ the ginger flavor enhances over time.


4. A First-Class Air Filter for Travel

Take this portable air purifier on the plane to filter the air and keep you well. Wynd says they are the smartest portable air purifier for your personal space. Find out more here:

5. LDM: Love & Devotion Medicine?

LDM stands for Lomatium dissectum extract (fernleaf biscuitroot) and is taken by mouth for asthma, colds, cough, flu, and viral infections. Stay healthy with a gift of wellness used by indigenous cultures for centuries.

6. Acts of Kindness

The best thing for immune system is acts of kindness, which makes you feel great about yourself. Kinesiology on yourself and family are good ideas, making sure they are blessed! Call us if we can help in any way. We are sure we will all be fine as Spirit intended.
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