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The BUIDL Banter Podcast

A Lumos Labs Podcast on all things Web3 and BUIDLers

About the Podcast

The BUIDL Banter Podcast is a video podcast that will be hosted on the Lumos Labs YouTube Channel. It will showcase conversations between experts from top Web3 Platforms in the industry. The series host interviews that navigate BUIDL culture, developer talent in the Web3 space (opportunities and challenges), the role of speaker’s organisation in helping developers and innovation in the Web3 space, and an entertaining rapid fire round.
This series aims to host 5-6 episodes for it’s first season, each episode be 20 - 45 (max) mins.

Conversation Points

The following conversation points are ideas
BUIDLers - Challenges and Opportunities for them in the Web3 Space
What does Web3 really bring to the table
What platforms are doing for BUIDLers in the Web3 Space
How are communities finding opportunities in the Web3 space
Three things that <platform/org> is working on right now for Buidlers that you’re working on right now
Involvement of the Speaker’s organisation in the Hackathon and the following tracks
Advice to hackathon participants.
Rapid Fire (Examples)
We can pick questions based on the speaker.
The Nicest Yo-mamma joke you know
You’re given all the resources in the world to build something. What would you #BUIDL?
Who would you want to be your VC and Why? (Any 3 options based on the speaker’s interests)
Tony Stark from Stark Enterprises
Bruce Wayne from Wayne Enterprises
Mr Monopoly
Lucille Bluth from Arrested Development
Most ridiculous metaverse idea you can come up with
Invention of the century according to you
Fund or Dump
Quirky, witty, ridiculous ideas with real-world references

Audience, Dissemination and Promotion

The Podcast will be target the majority of web3 enthusiasts but will focus on reaching developers and web3 professionals to whom the insight gathered from the BUIDL Banter video podcast will be beneficial.
To ensure that the podcast reaches its audience, the podcast will primarily be hosted on the , and furthermore, it will be disseminated in the form of snippet videos added on other (social) media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Discord.
Broadly, the dissemination will be supplemented by promotional strategies that includes:
A social media calendar to regularly promote the video on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Discord
YouTube Ads
Social Media Seeding: Seeding the video on platforms such as Reddit, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups, Telegram Groups, etc.
Email Newsletter

Logistics and Production

In order to record the videos, we have set up a workflow to ensure that we can work together as seamlessly as possible.
Determine who the speaker representing the organisation is
Request a press kit from the speaker’s organisation with a bio of the speaker.
Share interesting talking points that can be covered during the episode.
The Script will be drafted based on the pre-existing talking points on this document and the materials shared by the speaker’s organisation. Once drafted, this will be further shared with the speaker to ensure that we are at a consensus with respect to the episode’s content.
After the Script is ready, we will schedule a time to record the video. The set up for this will be shared by the Lumos Labs team. We roughly expect this to take about an hour’s time tops.
The Lumos Labs Team will produce this video and publish it on the YouTube Channel
Dissemination and Promotion

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