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People seem to assume when you have more than the average number of children that you are some “super” parent or that you have some special skills or something. It is true, that we large family moms might learn more than the “average” mom just because we have multiplied the opportunities for learning! I’ve always believed we learn more from our mistakes than we do from getting things right the first time. With one child life is easy. You always know who did it. No one can blame someone else. The parents typically outnumber the children and if it’s a single parent household at least you’re “even”. But when you get to three children and the children outnumber the parents and especially when they get older, they learn to stick together with an “us against them” mentality and life gets much more complicated!
I am definitely NOT the best parent. Some days I’m not even a good parent. Some days my parenting skills are more like a survival manual to just get through this day! I’ve made plenty of mistakes and I’m sure I have more to make. Hopefully, I’ve learned something from each mistake. I do know that over the years my parenting style has changed and grown. I’ve been blessed to know some great moms with large families and to learn from them. If you are a new mom I highly recommend that you find a mom with more children than you have that you admire in some way. Learn from her. The Bible tells us in Titus that the older women are to teach the younger ones. I wish I had known this when I was a new mom. I didn’t learn this until I was about 3 kids into life. I wonder how much easier some things would have been if I had met some great moms prior to that.
I never wanted to write a “mom blog” or any type of “parenting” stuff because I don’t feel I’ve figured it out yet. Who am I to give advice to others when I still do things wrong every day? But if we wait until we’re all perfect before we help someone else, then our civilization will be in pretty sad shape. I don’t think there are any perfect people in the world.
I’m going to try to write some articles to share here and maybe help some other mom along her journey.
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