Enterprise Admin Workspace Set-Up

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Enterprise Admin Workspace Set-Up

As an Coda Admin on an Enterprise plan you have access to elevated security settings and controls. This doc will help you to explore these settings and controls, and to set up your Enterprise workspace.

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1. Watch this overview of your admin settings.

Before you jump into the checklist, we recommend you watch this video for a brief introduction to Coda Enterprise and information on how to find your user role (which is key when setting up Coda).

2. Pick what role(s) you have.

Now that you know how to identify which role(s) you have, select the button that applies to you. This will update the checklist to only include steps that are relevant to your role(s):
I'm an Organization Admin
I'm a Workspace Admin
I'm Both
I don't think I have the settings I need

3. Admin onboarding checklist.

Below is your checklist to aid in getting your workspace setup
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To begin, locate Org and Workspace settings and then select your role in the section above
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Congrats on completing the initial setup!

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