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Invest In Web3 Social & The Creator Economy

With four years of development progress and market experimentation, and a UX so smooth your grandma can use it, Subsocial is poised to capture a large share of the new users and creators onboarded to Web3 social in the coming years. The Creator Staking system, combined with an open and transparent social graph, will produce unprecedented levels of network effects and virality, bringing the best creators and their communities to Subsocial.
Continue reading to learn more, or go ahead and to see if you are a good fit for supporting the future of The Creator Economy.

User Experience Demo

, a chat application that can be used to add social functionality to existing applications with just 3 lines of code, demonstrates the power of Subsocial’s architecture and UX solutions - no wallet or tokens required.

Why Subsocial?

Occupying a unique spot in the market, Subsocial is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the newest technological innovations, enjoy the prosperity that comes from being part of a rapidly growing ecosystem, and receive the benefits of being an appchain.
Incentive alignment via Creator Staking
Integrated with multiple apps and chains (including EVMs like Ethereum)
Purpose-built modular appchain with forkless upgrades, on-chain governance and treasury
30,000+ token holders, 50,000+ monthly app visitors

Staking For The Creator Economy

Subsocial’s staking system utilizes a small amount of network inflation to reward creators (of applications, content, and communities) and the stakers who vote for them. Better creators attract more stake and receive more rewards, while stakers get rewarded for supporting their favorite creators and helping to curate the network.
This system provides an alternative to the common ad revenue model employed by traditional social networks, and stimulates growth of the network’s social graph and application layer.

Creator Staking is currently in beta, and will likely be evolved into an Active Staking model, ensuring stakers repeatedly engage with the network and new creators have a chance to acquire .

Web2 User Experience, a tech news site with 7M+ monthly views, integrated, which was rapidly adopted by the community, proving that your average internet user can start using blockchain tech without even knowing about it.

Go-To-Market Strategy

There is a glaring lack of social features in the majority of Web3 applications, and we can see from Web2 that users love and demand social connections in their digital activities. By integrating Subsocial, Web3 apps can add social features in minutes, enabling their users and communities to engage like never before.
With a Web2 UX achieved, anybody in the world can onboard to Subsocial with ease, priming the project for a marketing push aimed at onboarding quality developers, content creators, and communities around the world, growing the social graph, unlocking network effects, and generating demand for the SUB token.

Funding Goals

Partnerships and integrations
Creator outreach
Conferences, hackathons, media presence, etc.
Product development and DevEx

Get Involved

To see if you are a good fit for investing in the future of The Creator Economy, with the team.

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