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Born Primitive is driving seven figure sales using Membird

Updated February 2023


Born Primitive is direct-to-consumer athletics apparel brand focusing on CrossFit. The company is veteran owned and operated and markets heavily to former and active duty families. The brand is an active sponsor of The CrossFit Games and supports military and first responder charities.


Since Born Primitive was founded in 2013, the company has relied heavily on digital marketing. In 2021, the brand spent hundreds of thousands of dollars per month on digital ads with 90% of that budget allocated toward Facebook and Instagram ads.
When Apple released iOS 14.5, the software update came with new privacy restrictions that require iOS users to opt-in to letting apps track their data. Only 15% of Americans opted-in to letting Facebook track their data, which made it significantly harder for Facebook to run targeted ads. As a result, the cost to acquire customers through Facebook ads skyrocketed. Born Primitive’s customer acquisition cost on Facebook increased drastically. Their cost per click rose to $2.30 and conversion rate sank to 1%.


Membird approached Born Primitive with an idea:
Create an exclusive membership for Born Primitive super fans
Make it much easier for members to share affiliate links
Incentivize fans to share by paying them $1 in brand credit every time someone clicks their affiliate link*
*$1 in brand credit per click is 85% cheaper than paying Facebook $2 per click.


Members shared 3x more than their referral/affiliate program
Members redeemed their brand credit to buy 5x more than their loyalty program
Conversion Rate
4x higher than Facebook Ads
Members were very active at 55% DAU/WAU (higher daily engagement than Twitter)
Expansion: Born Primitive has expanded the membership to include dozens of additional benefits, including: workout competitions, exclusive products, exclusive access to events, badges, and more
There is now a waiting list to get into the membership
Born Primitive has seen a 6x ROI after 12 mos. on Membird
Born Primitive is exploring more ways to monetize the membership including cross promotion from other brands


"Our return on Storr is much higher than Facebook and the money we spend is being invested back into our community so they can buy more from us. It's a no brainer."
— Bear Handlon, CEO @ Born Primitive
“I just express how freaking AWESOME your team is. I can’t express to you enough how awesome and hard working your team is. I know we aren’t the only account, but you sure do make me feel we are! Your resolution / response time is amazing.”
— Brooke Winters, Community Manager @ Born Primitive

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