Questions Randi

patient pending to active and met 16 readings
99453 the activation
99454 is readings
99457 1st 20 99458 2nd 20 and after
no billable time
activation incomplete
Tech Support
outreach type / no contact - reviewed chart / left message


If patient has questions in regards to RPM or health who should they call?
Nurse Practioner (michelle) from RJ Medical said that after 1st reading, she will follow up 4-6 weeks after.
Calls she’s making, she’s getting from?
She calls to make appointment then urgent care calls to enroll

Initial Setup

Power up devices
Send in PERS Alarm
Send in Vitals
What is RPM
What is expected from patient
Taking Vitals every day - 1st thing in the morning after morning meds.
If emergency, press PERS device or call 911
What we will be doing


Vitals are outside of Range - Medium
Vitals are outside of Range - High
Non - Responders
Customer won’t answer (x days)
Tech Support - Can’t send Vitals
Has questions MA can’t answer
Wants to set up an appointment with Dr.

Outreach Type

Activation Call: Complete
Activation Call: Incomplete
Check In Wellness Call
Chart View
Campaign / Education
Follow up
High Alert
Medium Alert
Multiple Alerts
Non - Responder
Nurse Encounter
Tech Support


Patient Retook Vitals - within normal range
Provided education
Recommended patient to call doctor
Recommended patient to go to ER
Notified care manager
Notfied emergency contacts
Equipment failure notified technician
Notified pharmacy
False Alert
Outreach Attempted / No contact
Monitor Trend

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