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Altice Stream Advertising
Project Summary

New Product Checklist

New Product Checklist
Functional Area
Approved to move forward
How should this product be presented on the IO?
Are there any other legal agreements / considerations that we need to get legal involved for? Distribution agreements? Vendor agreements? Privacy/Data Agreements?
Do the legal terms & conditions need to be updated? e.g. Cancellation clauses etc.
Is this a new or existing vendor? If new has paperwork been completed?
Product Definition
What type of product is it? Linear, Digital, O&O, Non-Owned, News, Service etc?
Product testing: who is testing and how? And, what are we testing for?
Who has authority to approve reduced rates/ deals?
Is the product packaged with other products?
What are the cost of goods sold? What is the desired margin?
What is the cost model (CPM, Flat Rate, CPV, CPD etc) what is the ‘unit’?
What is the expected ROI on this product? What is the cost of bringing the product to market vs. the expected revenue? Who and how often will we measure?
What vendors / channel partners are involved in the creation or fulfillment of this product?
What targeting solutions are available for this product?
Sales GTM
What is the advertiser problem/opportunity we are trying to solve for with this product?
Is this product only relevant for a certain season/tent-pole event etc?
Which Sales team is selling the product?
What is the expected lead time of this product/offering? (sales cycle duration)
Who is the target audience for this product?
Is it expected for this product to be sold along side other products?
What is our competitive differentiation of this product?
When pitching this product, which forecast category should it be under? Or a new one?
Who is the project manager controlling the timeline and progress?
Who from product will work with Sales Enablement to create collateral materials?
Do we have a mock up?
Do we have sales materials? What materials are needed?
Is there a card in guru?
Who is conducting the training for Sales, CS, Campaign Management, etc. What kind of training do they need? Product/capability training? Process/platform training?
Pricing & Inventory
How and who manages inventory? Is the inventory limited? Is the inventory seasonal? How do you request avails during the sales process?
Who establishes the rates/ CPMs for the product? Is the rate card based on tiers/channels etc?
What is the front-end order entry process, SF to TIM? SF to DSP?
Which Client Services team will be involved? Are the order entry guidelines documented and trained on?
Which campaign management team is responsible for fulfilling the product? Have they been trained? Has the hand off between Client Services & Campaign Management been clearly defined?
What system will be used to fulfill – Eclipse, Xandr (DSPs), GAM, Freewheel, Another Vendor etc?
Has it been added to the product taxonomy?
Has it been added to domo reporting?
What reporting will we show the client on performance?
What are the success metrics for the product as a business offering? Who will measure?
How will credit be approved? SF, TIM, other?
Who is going to own end of month reconciliation?
What billing team/system is going to be used?
How/who/what system will revenue be recognized?
What P&L code will it roll out up into?
Is business planning aware of this product and understands how much revenue is being budgeted against it?
How will we pay commission?
Will sales have a budget for this new product?
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