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Stephanie Maxine

Elevating the healthcare industry by creating apps focused on patient care.




GitHub Link:

Tech Stack: React Native, React, Javascript, Axios, Redux, Firebase
A healthcare app that is centered on post-operative care for patients. PostOpPal is especially designed to be user-friendly for the elderly, providing excellent informative assistance for patients on the road to recovery.
Highlights :
User-friendly for the elderly
Custom AI chatbot for FAQ
Available in multi-languages with accurate translation


Sigma School

Full-Stack Web Development Bootcamp (2023 - 2024)
Created over 30 projects in the span of 3 months
Worked with 2 developers to create capstone project about PostOpPal


KCSH Ortho

Nurse / Personal Assistant
Give post-operative care education to patient and caregivers - e.g example post-surgery exercises, wound and dressing care, expectations post-surgery etc
Follow doctor’s rounds - assist to follow-up with pending requirements, e.g. trace blood / culture / radiological related reports, patient referrals to other hospitals, patient concerns etc
Follow-up with patients post-operatively - assist doctor to filter through and resolve minor issues, otherwise scale up to doctor issues that need attention (e.g. infection, bleeding, DVT, dislocation)
Assist with medical letters / reports / insurances
Improve patient care experience by combining tech + healthcare - e.g. PostOpPal app, QR codes to scan for exercise videos / information on diagnosis and treatment etc


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Contact - +6016 - 800 0506
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