Big Rock brainstorm

An exercise to decide company or team top priorities.
A number of teams use the ‘Big Rocks’ analogy when deciding on their top priority goals. The core concept is this: if you’re trying to fill a jar, you put the big rocks in first. Then there’s plenty of room for small rocks, sand, etc to fill in the rest. But if you put the sand first, then the small rocks, then the big rocks, the big rocks won’t fit. In the same way, if a team focuses on the Big Rock goals first, it’s more likely they’ll achieve the lower-priority goals.

This doc helps teams decide what those Big Rocks are by using the ‘
’ to distribute a fictitious $100 across each of the proposed Big Rocks. Add a few top priority company or team goals to the Big Rocks table before inviting the rest of the team to weigh in. The key to this process is for everyone to allocate their $100 privately in Step 2 first, then come together for a brainstorm session to review and discuss the results collectively in Step 3.

Propose a few Big Rocks

Invite others to allocate their $$

Review the results as a team

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