Steer Customer Acquisition Strategy

Customer Acquisition Strategy
Customer Targeting Strategy
Define Target Customer
Primary Care, Cardiology, Ortho, Spine and Surgical Specialties
We have customer lists for Cardio, Orthopedics, Spine, and ObGyn surgical fields
Define Value Propositions
Short Staffed? Hire Steer to fill the void and bring more appointments
Steer is a secure healthcare communication platform, amplifying efficiencies for everyone involved in the patient's journey.
Top 3 value Propositions
Improve staff productivity, reduce no-shows, and improve bottomline while improving patient care
Book more appointments 24/7 via online scheduling, integrated google reviews, and contextual campaigns
Generate more revenue via Steer’s Remote Patient Monitoring and Annual Wellness Visits
Define Customer Qualification
What is an example of a good customer vs. bad customer?
Good Customer
> 4 providers
Hospital owned, P/E owned, or Independently owned
Growth and expansion mindset
Has a practice administrator
Want to earn more business and reduce costs
Bad Customer
No practice manager
No strategy or no fit
Customer FAQ
What are typical questions that customers are asking?
What are typical objections
Too many projects underway
Staff already overwhelmed
We are doing some of this already
Our patients are old
Our EHR offers this via patient portal

Inbound Marketing
Outbound Sales
Channel Sales

Content Strategy
Content Creation Execution:
Currently a long blog and white-paper in place
Recorded Webinars
Need Webinar Theme
Select Vendor
2 Posts Per Month
Drip Emails
5 email touches
Case Studies
3-5 Case Studies
Neurology Associates of Texas
Dr. Massoudi
Kansas City Family Medical Care
Southwest Cardiology Associates

Identify Vendors & Budgets for Content Creation

Customer Acquisition
Identify Marketing Activities and Budgets
Need list of all major events where our target customer can be at
Define strategy
Linkedin or Google Ads
Target Content
Target complementary software or value props that attract similar audiences
Need list of these value props or competitors
Create a PR release on the value of patient communications in the age of staff shortage(s)
Customer Referral Program
Launch a customer referral program

Define Acquisition Funnel
Qualification Call
Any incentives we can give for hearing pitch (Amazon Echo or iPad?)
Demos Scheduled

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