IVR Process

Significant call volume leading to frustrated patients waiting longer to get answers
Difficult to hire new staff

Current State Assessment

How is the setup for current phone system (PBX)?
Are extensions setup
New Patients Press “1” → Scheduling team
Existing Patients Press “2”
Medication Refills Press “3”
Lab Results Press “4”
Is the current phone system VoIP?
How many people work in the office and location?
What are the call volumes for your practices?
Are there dedicated teams for phone forward for each function? examples below
Medical Assistants
What PBX system does your office use?
Do you have a technical person who manages the PBX to add/manage extensions?
Do you use centralized PBX for all locations?


What are your goals with IVR?
Existing patients
Upcoming Appt
Schedule an Appt
Medication Refill
Lab request
All Patients
Connect to the receptionist
What to bring to the appt (w/SMS)?
During business hours - when everyone is tied up?
After hours
Offload certain key chores


Consult Request
Medication Refill
Lab request
General question
FAQs - Directions and Hours of Operation


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