Island Dermatology - Integration Plan B

IVR Capability & Chat Self-Service Capabilities - Online Consult (generic with no dates and times), Referral Request, lab request, medication refill, & other request

Need existing patient database, so the system can intelligently interact with the user;

What we need:
Daily CSV import of existing patient’s data
MRN, First Name, Last Name, DOB, Address 1, Address 2, City, State, Zip Code, Date of Last Visit, Status

Post Visit Surveys

Need patients seen in the week, including the following
First Name, Last Name, Cell Phone, Email, & Dr’s name they have seen, Date of the visit

Pre-Appointment Reminders

Not Possible without the interface

Next Steps:
Ask Kristina and Dr. Nami to get the XLS or CSV with the following format.
Operationalize it so the office staff can upload the files daily or send it to Steer for further processing

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