The SMB Checklist

Concept & Brand
Choose a Solid but Realistic Concept. Pro Tip: In the age of social media, make sure it’s instagrammable.
Check if your name is an inappropriate acronym you don't know about.
Know your local competition and know what makes you unique and market that.
Layout and Space
Select a good location (3Ps): Prominence, Parking, Periphery
Install clear outdoor signage on location
Have air-conditioner/fans/heaters
Have a clean toilet. Bonus points for nice smelling.
Tables for co-working.
You should provide wifi
Have a clear advertising and branding plan.
Plan marketing tactics for communicating with your customers. Pro Tip: Keep a consistence voice. Are you funny? Professional?
Make sure you are on google maps!
Create an Instagram page and/or other social media accounts. Note: Make sure this has the latest information on menu, operational hours.
Hire a good photographer/videographer! This goes a long way.
Training Staff
Review staffing needs, map out the entire day and week to determine the volume of staff necessary for each shift.
Plan training of employees on cleaning, safety, cash handling, and hospitality. Make sure all employees understand good customer service, up-selling, and operating procedures.
Creating your menu
Determine production needs. Eg. What can be bought/made in batches and what needs to be made fresh. Note: This saves $$$ and is time efficient!
Review the price and portion for everything on the menu.
Working with Third Parties
Establish standards with all vendors.
Set-up ordering process with a food delivery service. Tip: If you don’t know who, watch for what trucks deliver to other businesses in your area.

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