No-Fluff: What Are Awesome Lists?


An “awesome list” is a list of code projects that are all under one specific domain.

Why it matters:

These lists are a great way to jumpstart a project with open source code as well as a great jumpstart to give you ideas if you’re stumped.


Usually, they’re collaborative, meaning a community of random people on the internet help curate and add to the list.
For example, here’s an awesome list of datasets:
Or here’s an awesome list of projects using the Vue framework:
Or here’s a list of awesome lists lol:
And here’s a searchable version of awesome lists:

Heads up:

Some of the projects listed in an awesome list are not going to have an , so always check the license (usually in a file in the repository or written in the README file) before using code if you plan to commercialize or re-publish an edited version of it!
Also, some lists are better than others, so hold that Control (or Command @Mac users) key and click a bunch of links. 😂Don’t get sold on one awesome list, there’s a lottt of them out there!

The bottom line:

Awesome lists are an excellent way to get a quick sense of the (massive) landscape of projects out there as well as a great resource to find code to jumpstart a project. So what are you waiting for? Go google whatever your code language of choice is or a specific type of project + awesome list!
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