🧢 Saturday, July 6, 11:30-22:30 🧭 Buitenplaats Brienoord, Rotterdam

Hello, brave camper 👋

Thank you for signing up to the first ever SPARKCamp. We’ve concocted a full day of improvised activities, games, friendly competition, community spirits & more.


What happens in camp, stays in camp 🧢

11:30 ​Meeting time at Buitenplaats Brienoord
❗️At 12:00, we will be leaving the meeting point to go to another location. If you’re late, you’ll probably get lost forever and grow a self-destructive FOMO.
12:00-17:00 The Improvised Olympics
18:30 Dinner
19:30 The (best and worst) talents night​ (sign up your talent below) ​& a party! 🕺🏽🕺🏽


Where are we going? 🏕️

Meeting point.png

📍 Our basecamp is the Buitenplaats Brienoord
By public transport, you can take the tram 23 (stop Noorderhelling), the bus to Somerland or the train to Rotterdam Stadion The island is car-free, but you can park your car on Cor Kieboomplein or on the Hoendiep and walk to the island If you’re feeling fancy, the water taxi will take you too. Stop at 010 Stadion Feyenoord.

What should I bring? 🎒

Your camp fit. The theme is “retro summercamp”. Think tennis shoes, high socks, colorful polo shirts, shorts. You may get a tiny bit dirty, a tiny bit wet or very sweaty, so keep that in mind. You can bring a change of clothes.
A waterbottle (you can also order drinks at the Brienoord Buitenplaats bar during the day)
Depending on the weather, you may want to bring ☀️ sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat ☀️ or ☔ a raincoat, a change of socks & an extra sweater ☔
Any props or costumes you need for the talent show.
Your lunch, sandwich, snacks or a full stomach. We will have some light snacks but we are not serving lunch!
If you haven’t signed up for an evening meal, bring your dinner!

Did you just say... talent show? 💫

Yes! Our evening program will feature the true talents hidden in the SPARK community. From high to low brow, mundane to outstanding, common to weird-as-fuck : your talent is welcome here. Sign up below.

talent show.gif

Sign up for the talent show 👇

Hold on, I have some questions! 🪃


Can I join for only part of the day?​
We encourage you to stay for the whole program, so you get to meet everyone and experience the full camp spirit!
What if I have another question?
Write us at or use the form down below.

Can I bring someone with me to the camp?​ The camp is primarly for the SPARK community!- eg students, audience members, teachers & volunteers. Want to bring a total stranger? That’s possible too, but drop us a line! 💌
What is my donation for?​
We're asking you to make a donation of 5, 15 or 30€ to cover some of our costs, such as rental of the venue, material, snacks and prep 🧢. In addition, the dinner fee (12,5€) will go to the Buitenplaats Brienoord and will cover for a vegetarian meal.
Are we sleeping on the island?
This year, the SPARK camp is only a day camp, and we will have to leave the island around 22:30. Not feeling sleepy? Cool, we’ll take it back to mainland for the afterparty 🎉
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