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Get to know Motherboard.

What is Motherboard?

Motherboard is an employee benefits platform that's simplifying employee benefits management for organizations in Africa🌍

With our wide range of merchants and perks, we empower employees with the gift of choice, meaning that you can choose benefits providers that best suit your unique needs.

How to Get Started?

1. Sign into your account

Visit and sign in with the email address and password you used to create your account after being invited by your employer.

2. Claim your benefits

Right there on your dashboard, you'll see the benefits that were assigned to you. Simply click on "Claim Benefits" to unlock your benefits.
If you don't see any benefits on your dashboard, it means none has been assigned to you yet. Wait for your employer to assign some benefits to you or feel free to explore the platform and buy things for yourself if you wish.
Employers can either assign a particular benefit to you or allocate a benefit budget. If you received a budget, you can select a vendor or provider under that category and redeem the benefit of your choice.

3. Complete your Health Profile

If you were assigned a health insurance benefit, click on "Claim Benefits" and then “Buy Benefit” to be taken to the main Health Insurance page.

Next, browse through the available health insurance plans. Once you’ve found a plan or provider than you want (and that is within budget), click on the name and choose “Buy This Plan”.
Finally, complete your health profile to finish the purchase. This step includes filling in your personal information, medical information, dependants (if any), and the hospital you prefer.
🖕 This is an important step for generating your policy number.

4. Check your email

Once you've successfully bought a plan or benefit, you will receive an email from Mo from Motherboard with the next steps or necessary information you need to access your benefits 🎉

What Else Can You Do on Motherboard?

As mentioned earlier, Motherboard offers employees the gift of choice. This means two things:

You can choose your preferred vendor under the benefit category that was assigned to you
You can choose how to pay for those benefits

When it comes to payment for benefits on Motherboard, there are 3 funding sources:

Screenshot (28).png

a) Employer Budget -

With this funding source, you can only buy benefits that are within your employer's budget. For example, if your employer assigned you a ₦20,000 budget for health insurance, it means you can only purchase health insurance plans that cost ₦20,000 or less.

b) Self-Funded Payment -

This funding source means that you're buying a benefit from your own wallet (personal bank account). This option is typically used when you want to get an extra benefit for yourself.

c) Hybrid Payment -

This funding source combines your employer's budget with your personal wallet. It comes in handy when your employer's budget doesn't cover the exact benefit that you want. For instance, if you'd like to buy a health insurance plan that costs ₦25,000 but your employer's budget is only ₦20,000, you can still access your preferred budget by using the hybrid payment. This means that you'll be using your employer's budget and paying an extra 5k from your personal wallet. By using this funding source, you get to avoid forgoing your preferred benefit because of a ₦5,000 difference, or having to pay the full ₦25,000 out of pocket to enjoy your preferred benefit.

Welcome to Motherboard once again!

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to use the live chat feature on our website or send an email to

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