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BigSpring<>Samsung Support FAQs

What is a Rep?
Answer: A Rep is a demonstration of a skill on BigSpring. The learner shares their Rep with the coach, and receives feedback for improvement.
2. Can I submit multiple images/videos for a Rep?
Answer: You can submit 1 image or video that best demonstrates the learning
3. What should I do if a learner’s Reps does not come through?
Answer: There can be a lag sometimes due to internet speeds. If you continue to face this issue, please escalate to the L2 Support group by writing to
4. I already approved a Rep, can I provide more comments on it
Answer: No, you cannot. The Rep is complete after you approve it and goes into the learner showcase without the possibility for the coach or learner to comment further.
5. How many times can I ask a learner to redo a Rep?
Answer: There is no limit. The coach can ask the learner to redo the Rep any number of times.
6. How would I know if a learner has seen my feedback on the Rep?
Answer: You cannot know this. When the learner sees the coach’s feedback, that information is not passed back to the coach.
7. As a coach, can I edit my feedback after submission?
Answer: No, you cannot edit your feedback after submission, but if you do wish to send another feedback on the same Rep.
8. Is submission of Rep time bound?
Answer: There is no system driven time limit. The learner will get notified through SMS when they have not submitted their Reps within a specified time period.
9. What is the difference between the terms ‘Pending Reps’ and ‘Ready for feedback’ used in mobile coaching
Answer: ‘Ready for feedback’ is the coach’s to-do list - these are the reps they have to review. ‘Pending Reps’ refer to what the learner is working on and are not ready for coach review yet.
Please write to for any further assistance.

Tech FAQs:
BigSpring app does not launch
Answer: Ask the participant whether they are using the mobile app or accessing BigSpring on the web using their mobile device. If they are using the mobile app, ask them to delete the app and re-download it, and try again.
If the problem continues, please escalate to the L2 Support group by writing to
2. Participant is unable to login to BigSpring using their phone number, error message “Unable to find a registered account”
Answer: Check phone number of the participant in BigSpring E-Dash backend; communicate the registered phone number along with the format to the participant and ask them to try again.
If the problem continues, please escalate to the L2 Support group by writing to
3. Participant is not getting the OTP at once /delay in getting OTP
Answer: This could be a network issue. Ask the participant to re-send the OTP again or try after a few minutes.
If the problem persists, please escalate to the L2 Support group by writing to
4. Video does not play
Answer: Please escalate to the L2 Support group by writing to
5. Flashcard image/text not loading
Answer: Ask the participant to check internet connection on the mobile device. This happens when the user is not getting good internet speed, wait for sometime to observe the issue and if the problem persists, please escalate to the L2 Support group by writing to
6. Unable to proceed ahead, getting error “ Page not found”
Answer: This happens when a content is not available in the default language and the user tries to view the content in the default language only. Ask the participant to change the language of the app and then view the content.
If the problem please escalate to the L2 Support group by writing to

Content FAQs:
Participant is unable to follow the video and would like to watch it again
Answer: They can play back the video any number of times, by going back and playing it again
2. How do I enable subtitles in a video?
Answer: Go to the video playing screen and tap on CC, if the subtitles exist for the video the same will show up.
3. How do I scrub forward in a video?
Answer: You cannot scrub forward as the intent is for you to watch the entire video to seek full learning from it.
4. Flashcard text is too small and they cannot see it properly
Answer: They can zoom into the text and they can also go back to a previous flashcard
5. Participant got a quiz question wrong and is unable to proceed to the next question
Answer: They should click on the Retry button below and attempt to answer again. They cannot proceed to the next question until they get the right answer
6. If a participant selects an incorrect answer for the quiz question, does it result in any negative marking?
Answer: The quiz questions are ways to make you practice and perfect your learning. Hence, none of the quiz questions carry any marking / scoring . If you select an incorrect option, you get an opportunity to try again , till you select the correct answer.
Please write to for any further assistance.

Program FAQs:
Participant has completed all skills and submitted the Reps. However, the submitted Reps show as pending. What should they do next?
Answer: The participant needs to wait for the coach to respond to the submitted rep.
2. What is the size/duration limit to record a video and submit it as a response to a Rep?
Answer: You can record a video of 30-90 seconds duration and the video should be under 2 MB
3. The coach has still not approved or given any feedback on the submitted Reps, is there a way to let the coach know about this.
Answer: The participant can raise this in the L1 support group to let the coaches know that they are waiting to hear back. This will be addressed by the coach thereafter.
4. The participant is unable to click into one of the skills, which shows a locked sign
Answer: The participant needs to have completed the previous skill (watch video, flashcards and complete quiz) in order to proceed to the next skill.
5. Participant did not respond to the rep after completing the skill and now they don’t know how to get to the missed rep
Answer: The participant needs to go to portfolio section on home screen of the app, the reps under “To Do” head are the ones need to be responded
6. A few of the reps have been rejected by the coach and are sitting in the portfolio section for the participant to do again. How would the participant know which reps to redo
Answer: Go to the portfolio sections and the reps that has “Needs Revision” on them are the ones that requires immediate attention
Please write to for any further assistance.

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