Reflections on the Crisis in India

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How you can help

Start by learning about and supporting some existing non-profit organizations who've already begun doing great work

US Strategic India Partnership Forum (

Scroll through this USISPF guide to learn more:

What you can do:

Contact Gaurav Verma at
Visit the for frequent updates
Follow on Twitter

American India Foundation (

Visit the AIF website to learn more:

Additional nonprofits that I strongly urge you to engage with:

— A great nonprofit aggregating and curating a variety of nonprofits focused on food, oxygen, supplies, etc. Special thanks to Vinod Khosla for highlighting their amazing work
— Focused on sourcing oxygen for those in need

— A group of entrepreneurs, investors and executives within the Indian startup ecosystem came together to help with Covid-19 relief. They are sourcing oxygen concentrators for those most at risk within the startup ecosystem and in partnership with the government of India.

Want to learn more? Head to or

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