eLearning for Security Awareness


Who would need it?
What role do they play?
Where would it be used?

User Journey

1. Team Member

Trigger Points:
User gets a mail to complete a course
a. Taking a Assigned Course

b. Voluntary Learning:
Login in to the
View the course and enroll to the one which they are interested in

2. Team Leader

Trigger points
Manager assigns the course to his team members
When someone joins new to the team/company
When someone gets a promotion or role change
Company policy to take the course periodically
When a security violation is found in the team
When a new security issue is threading the industry
When they get new access like company mobile, laptop etc.

a. Assigning a course
Login in to the
Select the course which they wanted to assign
Select the team/person who has to take
Assign the course and track progress.
b. Monitoring the team progress

Review areas

Navigation - Site navigation and content structuring
Visual - Design Hierarchy, Color contrast, Alignment etc. which leads to usability issues
Content - Core Content and Data
Presentation - Visual presentation of content or information
Accessibility - Enabling the access for the people with disability
Usability - Ease of use to accomplish the user goal
Engagement - User Engagement and retention
Strategy - Site strategy and core Principles

Quick Start:

Navigation, Information
Now we show only the last played course in quick-start view. But currently the user can take more than one course in parallel. It would be appropriate to show all the courses in progress rather than the last one alone.


Top Level Content:

Content Strategy, Engagement
Currently the individual modules are packed into courses. But at the same time the completion status, credits and rewards are at the module level. Need to have a right strategy consistent across the site.


If course is the top level content, then we are expecting the user to get a complete knowledge about a specific subject.
Still the user can take any module they like, but the status will be at the course level. Also certificated or badge can be offered to the user only upon completing the course, where as credits can be given after the completion of module.


If module is the priority top level content. Then we can have a search for the module. Status can be individual. We can propose a learning path for complete knowledge but the rewards, and credits can be earned by completing a module.

Module Player

We have 2 types of contents playing in the module
Video Content
Interactive Content

Video content:

For a video content player I found the following touch points which can be improved
Buttons are very small
No keyboard button controls
Repeated action, like close module, Fullscreen view
No Audio Transcript
No option to hide the CC
Progress Bar handle is too small
Pause the player if the change tab. To get their full attention.

Proposed Video Player layout


Interactive Course Player:

Screenshot 2022-09-19 at 11.56.20 AM.png
For an Interactive course content:
Give enough contrast between the content and the controls.
Have the players control consistently. Progress bar may not be required

Proposed Interactive course Player:




Course Layout

The landing page and the course page looks almost similar. It takes some time for the user to know the change and understand the layout. It would be better if we design the page to look distinctly from the landing page.

Landing Page


Course Page



Using behavior analysis I wanted to check how much time it takes for the user to understand the course layout and navigate. If it is significantly higher, then we can do the AB testing.

Credits and Rewards

We can display the rewards earned by the user, to increase the engagement. Clearly stating how they can achieve each award and certificate.
Users would move to different levels based on credit and badges earned.

Who has taken the course:

Display the number of teammates who have taken the course already. Which will improve the enrolment rate and user engagement.


We can have a certificate page with an expiry date. User needs to retake the certificate before it expires.


Having value based credentials instead of having the same credits for all. Each module has different duration and content value. Having the same credits value will give equal comparison with the team mets.
Widget to display the top learners, to increase the learner engagement.

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