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Asking The Bear Editors How They Cut With INTENSITY
We use Riverside both for meetings and remote interviews, try it for free + use code EDITINGPODCAST for 20% off. Riverside recently launched new features: AI transcriptions, Teleprompter, Remove Silences, Automatic Captions and Short clips generator. #ad Sign up for Hayden's Editing Course Waitlist: Jordan's Editing Course "The Editing Formula" Black Friday Deal 60% OFF: #editing #thebear #hulu #emmyawards 0:00 Why You Need To Watch The Bear 1:27 Always Start Your Edit With Adrenaline 2:45 Using Montage For Tone & Story 3:56 Breaking Down The Bear's Opening Montage 12:45 The Importance of Contrasting Sound & Visuals 14:56 Use Riverside 16:10 The Editing Philosophy of The Bear 18:35 Why A Slower Pace Build Tension 20:05 Using Recurring Shots To Build Story 21:18 Breaking Down The Bear's Best Episode 30:30 How Your Editing Perspective Changes Hosts: @HillierSmith @JordanOrme Guests: Joanna Naugle and Adam Epstein Editor: @HokuStuff Intro Editor: @LiamBedford Executive Producer: Vishnu Vallabhaneni Producer: @AshleyJWoods Thumbnail: @learnthumbnails Additional music thanks to AllttA Optimum by AllttA: Taller than All of Them by AllttA: In this compelling episode, your hosts Hayden Hillier-Smith and Jordan Orme engage in an enlightening conversation with the Emmy-Nominated Editors of Hulu's hit show, "The Bear." We unravel the artistry and editing techniques that have propelled "The Bear" into the ranks of Emmy recognition and how this show can elevate your editing skills, regardless if you being in TV or not. In this episode, we talk about the brilliance of montage to convey story and tone, the ability to contrast music and visuals, the importance of slowing down your edit pacing to find the incredible character moments that leads to better retention. Delve deep into the post-production workflow responsible for bringing "The Bear" to life on screen. By understanding the intricacies of this process, you'll be better equipped to streamline your own editing workflows, resulting in a more efficient and professional output.
Why “APP” is the most VALUABLE feature for Clothing Stores
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Apps that Are Going to Blow Up Your Clothing Store.
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