Founding Analytics Director

What We Do & Why

Our Mission: Create high-wage opportunities for undiscovered talent in neglected communities
Kelihi is founded on the belief that the majority of the world’s population is deprived of the opportunity to reach their full potential. We're betting our lives on this by creating a system that identifies high-potential talent in low-opportunity environments and prepares them for lucrative technical careers. Based in Brazil, our intensive apprenticeship program immerses participants in real-world commercial work through our analytics consultancy serving US businesses. This approach not only eliminates the financial barrier of education, often prohibitive for underprivileged populations, but also offers learners a comfortable wage from day one, enabling them to fully concentrate on mastering a new profession. We have found this model to be the most effective way of creating new analytics talent with proven ability to solve real-life business challenges.

What You’ll Do

Core Goal: Train and manage analysts from low-opportunity environments to deliver great analytics work for our clients
You will be the first hire at our early-stage, profitable startup. We are still figuring out many aspects of this business, and we’re looking for a hands-on thought partner to help build the company while managing a team day-to-day. We want to be upfront, this is not a 9-5 job, and it’s really difficult at times, but our shared mission to serve is what we rally around.

Analyst Training + Management

You’ll manage and coach a team of analysts who are true beginners. They typically won’t have college degrees and they’ll have no prior analytics experience whatsoever. Our analysts have previously worked as receptionists, delivery drivers, waiters, and in other non-technical roles. You’re not just going to be teaching them SQL/analysis/critical thinking, but also how to navigate a different culture in their second language (English) and gain confidence in their new skills. Most importantly, you’ll be transforming their lives by changing their mindsets about what’s possible through coaching them to independently solve hard problems. If done right, we believe you will be empowering a new learner to sustainably 10x their income in 2 years or less.

Client Relationships

You’ll be the primary point of contact for a book of clients, all of which are US-based companies. Many of our clients treat us as their data team, and our projects typically require strong business acumen, SQL, and BI skills (ex. Looker/Tableau). Our typical workflow consists of scoping and assigning work to your team, performing QA, presenting to clients, and, when needed, handling technical work yourself. As you prove our ability to solve customer problems, you’ll look for opportunities to expand our footprint within each business.

Why You Should Do This

Have you ever questioned whether your job actually makes a difference? You won’t at Kelihi. If you're the right match for us, your will find your life's work in helping people who are trapped by circumstance to grow, prosper and shape their own destiny. Per our mission, we’re looking for someone passionate and hungry to create opportunities for people who are often ignored. As the first hire, you’ll have high autonomy and unbounded room for growth. This isn’t a role that will come with a lot of initial structure and things will change often as we grow the company. Your contributions will help mold what Kelihi will become. You’ll receive founding team member equity, salary, and profit sharing to match the scope of your role and the commitment you’re making to the company. Additionally, we’ll provide assistance with visa/relocation costs and rent/food stipend.

What You Have

Experience: 4+ years in a data analyst, scientist, or engineering role with extensive stakeholder interaction. Minimum 1 year of experience managing and coaching analysts.
Business Acumen: You have a strong understanding of business fundamentals and are able to jump into new domains easily. Analytics for you is fundamentally about improving organizational excellence, not dashboards or models.
Technical Proficiency: Advanced skills in SQL, Excel, and Business Intelligence tools (Power BI, Looker, Tableau, etc.). Desire to learn data or analytics engineering.
Communication Skills: You excel at managing stakeholders (at times telling them no), distilling complex problems into digestible pieces, and have the patience to teach complete novices.
Mindset: You love the startup grind of turning chaos into order and have a genuine passion for serving underprivileged communities. You’re not afraid of long hours or frequent swapping of hats between coaching analysts, interfacing with clients, completing technical work, and even helping analysts through personal issues as they transition into a brand new career.

Where We’re At Today

Here’s some info about what we’ve done so far to sustainably grow the business:
In April 2022, we moved to Brazil, took on our first analyst that summer, and now have a team of 5 full-time analysts.
We’ve had solid profit margins since early 2023. As of Q1-2024, we have 10+ clients and a healthy pipeline. Hiring this role will allow us to take on more customers.

If you’re interested or have additional questions, please email .

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