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About the housemates

Going in no particular order… (with bios we wrote for each other)
Sarah is an absolute badass who does everything she does with conviction. Ask her about the climate tech she has dedicated herself to producing at scale. Also ask her about #vanlife, her past relationship with combustion, and your grandma’s recipe that she can likely replicate.

If Gavan is walking around with AirPods, he’s likely learning about issues that matter to him. If you want to win Gavan’s heart, ask him to show you the LED lights he has installed around the house or talk to him about D&D. Head to to learn where Gavan’s passions have taken him (and look in awe at that iconic beard!)
For someone who has dedicated their life to solving existential issues, Sam remains the jolliest person you’ll ever meet. Need to find him in the house? Wait 5 seconds and listen for his laugh. Check out his board game wall and try to guess which game he single-handedly created. Want to frustrate Sam? Tell him that something is impossible to achieve.
Arianna is unstoppable. Every day is an opportunity, every idea inspires her, and every new conversation is music to her ears. In word association games, when someone says “Arianna”, people say “ass-kicker!” and “eats chickpeas in a can!” Her pet peeve is walking slower than a jog, and her guilty pleasure is slow internet connections because she’s permitted to stop moving.
We are currently looking for a 6th housemate to round out our community. Are you looking to use your life to make a meaningful difference in the world? Are you a little (or a lottle) quirky? Does this house culture excite you?

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