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Where did people live and what were there jobs in 1509?

What were their jobs?

Why are these different to nowadays?
These things are very different to nowadays because today there is machinery E.G Tractors, Drones and Combines. Weavers that still make things today are still making hand made things, but some weaved things are made by machines. Blacksmiths are still used today and it is done by hand. But machines have been developed to do the sort if things that blacksmiths do by hand. Potters are still doing it today and that is by moulding the pot by hand. There bread was made by grinding cereal grains, such as wheat, millet or barley, into flour, then kneading it with a liquid, perhaps adding yeast to make the dough rise and lighten, and finally baking. It is basically the same way that we make it today but we use electric ovens in stead of stone cave ovens.

What were the most important Job back then?
The most important jobs were Farmers, Bakers, Potters and Blacksmiths. Farmers were important so that they can get the crops and then they sent them to the baker to make them into bread. Farmers also could of sent there crops to Beer Makers. Potters were quite important so that they could make plates and bowls and maybe even vases for people to buy and eat there food on. Blacksmiths were used for making things with raw iron like knifes, forks, spoons and other items. Butchers were used for carving meat and cutting the fats of meat to make it more healthy.

Where did they live in 1509?
Most Tudor people lived in the countryside, but some people lived in towns or big Tudor cities like London, Bristol or Norwich. Tudor England was a farming society. The percentage of people living in the country side was 94%. People often lived in small villages consisting of about 2500 to 4000 people. Sometimes towns were located on hills and by woods. Houses were usually made of timber (wood) and wattle and daub. Wattle is the intertwined sticks that are placed in a wall between posts.
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