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US sales tax is applied into different types of financial documents, and you will need to integrate into different financial systems like ERP and payment processing platforms.

Typical Integration Building Blocks

Our integration processes typically involve these essential components:
Initiation: This is the starting point of our integration workflow. It can be a standard webhook, a custom script, or a schedule-based trigger that activates the flow.
Data Retrieval: In this stage, the system fetches transaction data, which includes extracting item lists, addresses, and pertinent financial figures.
Computation: The retrieved information is then fed into our proprietary API, where necessary computations are performed. This step involves calculating various totals, exchange rates, and additional fiscal metrics.
Synchronization: Finally, the transaction within the ERP (or any relevant system) is updated with the computed details. This synchronization can occur via direct API calls, script execution, or other updating mechanisms.
These components form the backbone of our integration architecture, ensuring data flows smoothly from initiation to final update.


Zoho Books Invoice Augmentation and Customization


Your task is to create an automated integration with Zoho Books that triggers when an invoice is generated. This integration should programmatically increase the invoice total by $100. *Bonus: you will demonstrate the capability to configure & manipulate custom fields through this integration.

Task Steps:

Zoho Books Setup:
Create an account with Zoho Books under the free plan.
Familiarize yourself with the interface, specifically focusing on the invoicing features.
Integration Trigger:
Design a trigger within Zoho Books that activates when a new invoice is created. This could be a native webhook or an alternative triggering mechanism provided by Zoho Books.
Invoice Amount Adjustment:
Develop the integration logic to read the total amount from the created invoice.
Increase this total amount by $100 and ensure the updated total is reflected in the invoice.
Custom Field Manipulation:
Add a custom drop-down field to the invoice with a predefined default value.
Configure the integration to update this custom field to a new value when the invoice total is adjusted.


Access to the Zoho Books account where the integration has been set up, so we can go over the results together.
A written explanation detailing the steps followed for setting up the trigger, adjusting invoice amounts, and custom field manipulation.
A written explanation of the logic behind the custom field default value and how the integration modifies it.

Evaluation Criteria:

Successful integration as described above.
Final presentation demonstrating a customer-centric approach.
Please demonstrate how to set up and test this integration, ensuring that it works as intended. If you encounter any limitations or challenges within Zoho Books' free plan features, document these thoroughly
and propose potential workarounds.


Choose the tools that best fit your existing tech stack and skills, taking time into account.
You can achieve this in any way you choose to. Locally on your machine, using cloud functions, low code tools like / or any other way : )
Please use free tiers/plans everything in this task can be achieved without spending money on tools.

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