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The current version of was launched in January 2021 as an interim website refresh. This website serves to increase functionality, speed, and represent the full breadth of SiX's work and special projects, until SiX finishes strategic and communications rebranding and is ready for a full redesign.
The theme is built with Divi, the domain is secured through GoDaddy, and the site is hosted on Kinsta
The SiX Ag and SiX Repro sites were developed independent contractors and hosted separately.


Public Categories

The following categories are visible and navigable to the public, meaning a public viewer can see and search these posts on the site. These categories were created for ease of user navigation (e.g. a user can easily view all reports or all videos) and to automate some technical formatting.


All posts categorized as blogs are automatically featured on the homepage and the blog page.
Blogs should be suitable for a general audience. If the content is intended for legislative staff or other experts, it probably belongs in another category (e.g. .)


Resources are formatted very similarly to blogs but only appear in the Resource Hub. Most posts made for our legislative network belong in this category unless the content is a report or publication.


Posts assigned to the report category will appear in a two-column style, with the post content on the left four-fifths, and a floating table of contents in the remaining quintile.


Posts assigned to this category will appear in a two-column style, similar to , but also have a PDF download button, because this category is for reports that also exist in PDF format. Most of the posts in this category are from research reports created prior to the website redesign.


The memo category is for messages written from SiX staff. Most of the posts in this category have been re-purposed from Jessie and Neha's e-mails out to our legislative network. (e.g. Each memo should be signed from a SiX staff member, or read like a message.)


Posts assigned to this category are formatted very similarly to blogs but only appear in the Resource Hub. This category is for any post that is centered around an embedded video.

Internal Categories

Most content in internal categories cannot be accessed by the public unless they have the link to a particular post. (i.e. Posts assigned to this category are effectively "hidden", though will still be indexed by Google.) Posts in these categories are usually ad campaigns, social media kits, or other content that we don't want or need website visitors to discover organically.

Social Media Kit

Social media kits are formatted similarly to most other posts, but are filtered into this separate category for ease of navigation, and to hide from the Resource Hub. There may be a public social media kit in the near future.

One-Column Project

One-column projects are appropriate for landing pages and other special projects, as they allow more design flexibility than most of our other categories. In addition to the featured hero image, any full-width Gutenberg blocks will also render as full-width on the public website.

Two-Column Project

Two-column projects have identical formatting as the Report category (with the floating table of contents on the left) except projects in this category can override the default headings sections, and the published post will be featured on the homepage as if it were a blog. (e.g. )



TTHs have two buttons at the top that automatically link to the . Other aspects of the TTH posts, like the FAQ and embedded Wufoo form, are not built-in to the template. Thus, when creating a new TTH page, it's best to duplicate an existing TTH post and make changes.
You can find more details on editing the TTH page in this demo.

Divi Legislators Finder Widget

The Divi Find legislators widget was created by a developer we found through .

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